Quickies: Double masking, direct payments, and Q

Hello and happy Monday! With my new teaching schedule, Thursday and Friday are actually my busiest days, so I’m moving my weekly roundups to Monday for the time being.

First off, definitely check out this article on double-masking, and other ways to make your masks more effective amid more contagious strains of the coronavirus.

Also from NPR, here’s a look at a study that shows how poverty itself makes workers less productive… though I’m not a huge fan of the framing of that. It does make the important point, however, that people have less of a psychological burden when they can pay their bills. This reminds me of an earlier report showing that just handing homeless folks a bunch of cash helps them to get out of homelessness.

This is sort of along the same thread… I really enjoyed this podcast conversation about mutual aid on Jonathan Van Ness’s podcast “Getting Curious.”

This interesting report details the short but bizarre history of the ever-changing QAnon conspiracy, based on “drops” posted by the so-called government insider “Q.” Insert Star-Trek-John-de Lancie joke here. Thanks to catherwood for sharing this on Discord.

Did you all see cute videos of pandas playing in snow last week? My favorite parts are when the adult panda is playing with baby panda. Thanks to Muscadine from Discord!

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