• pronghorn antelope grazing near radio telescope

    Quickies: Barrier Busting DJ, Identified Flying Objects, Hacking NASA…

    Hey, y’all. It’s officially summer! Well, in the Northern Hemisphere, at least. Happy winter to our Southern Hemisphere friends! That little fact of opposite hemispheres having opposite seasons is helpful when I teach Astronomy 101. It also makes my geographically diverse Instagram feed confusing at times. Okay, enough chit-chat, we have some news and animals for you…

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  • Anita Sarkeesian smiling, in front of a wall with Wonder Woman graffiti art

    Quickies: The Anita Sarkeesian story

    The Anita Sarkeesian story – An excellent bio over on Polygon, looking back at 10 years of Feminist Frequency and where the future may lead. Meet the New York couple donating millions to the anti-vax movement – “Their money has gone to a handful of determined individuals who have played an outsize role in spreading doubt and misinformation about vaccines…

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  • A photo of an open face bagel with lox and capers

    Quickies: Existing as Transgender in Trump’s America is an Act of Resistance

    On coming out as transgender in Donald Trump’s America by Emily VanDerWerff at Vox: Emily VanDerWerff has long been one of my favorite tv writers and podcasters (RIP The Parenthood Podcast). She is in especially fine form in this essay where she reflects on how watching the Handmaid’s Tale helped her to realize that by transitioning, her mere act of…

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  • Man in fedora with mouth taped

    Quickies: What About the Men? Edition

    Deeper and Down: Verbal Hygiene for Men, by DEBUK at Language: A Feminist Guide: An interesting response to “what about the men” in relation to language policing, with a focus on patriarchal beliefs about deep voices and masculinity. DNA Testing Means Forced Fatherhood as States Limit Abortion, by Heather Timmons and Annalisa Merelli at Quartz: A look at the inevitable…

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  • Picture of a rusty spotted cat

    Quickies: Food Lies, Gender Science, “Hurt” Thor…

    Happy Friday, y’all! Before I get into the Friday Quickies, I wanted to remind you that Mad Art Lab has re-launched! I’m a huge fangirl of that site and the writers because they take the blend of science and creativity to new heights. Want to read about werewolf telepathy? The physics of paint pouring? Getting your ass kicked in-game? Messing…

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  • Toy robot

    Quickies: Sexist AI

    Alexa, are you making me sexist? – “This is all part of a bigger gender-bias problem afflicting the field of artificial intelligence. AI systems — including voice assistants — are being designed mostly by men. (In the machine-learning community, only 12 percent of the leading researchers are female, according to Wired.) That’s part of the reason these systems have been…

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  • Brick wall

    Quickies: Freeing science from behind paywalls

    The open access wars: How to free science from academic paywalls – “Academic institutions have to purchase exorbitant subscriptions priced at hundreds of thousands of dollars each year so they can download and read their own and other scientists’ work from beyond the paywall. The same goes for members of the public who want to access the science they’ve funded…

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  • a picture of a chevotrain, or "mouse-deer"

    Quickies: Too many bad apples, pooping LEGOs, Aboriginal star names, …

    Welcome to the LATE edition of Friday Quickies and Cute Animal Friday! Apparently my body decided it needed all the sleep after my trip to Puerto Rico. I’m pretty sure I still have grease from the Arecibo Telescope somewhere on me. But that’s a topic for another post!

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