• The execution of Marie Antoinette

    Quickies: Bring out the guillotines

    A little soundtrack for your morning reading of TeenVogue’s coverage of anti-capitalism can be found here. How the French revolution is inspiring today’s online anti-capitalists – “On social media, a tone-deaf tweet or Facebook post from any wealthy CEO or out-of-touch politician is invariably met with a sea of guillotine gifs, calls for retribution against predatory billionaires, or otherwise vitriolic…

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  • Trump evil graffiti

    Quickies: Fascist Trump Children’s Book and States Taking on Private Prisons

    Metaxas’ “Donald Builds the Wall” Recalls Nazi Children’s Books, at Love, Joy, Feminism: “I watched a video of Metaxas doing a ‘dramatic reading’ of his book. I wanted to make sure I wasn’t being unfair to him—I do try to give everyone the benefit of the doubt, and my friends still [tell] me I hand out way too many second…

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  • a dog wearing glasses

    Quickies: Ally work for Non-Natives, sugar in space rocks, and silly trucks…

    Good morning, all! It’s a holiday weekend in the US, and I’m drowning under a pile of end-of-semester grading for which I have no one to blame but myself. So it’ll be a short one… In the US? Eyeing those Thanksgiving leftovers? If you’re non-Native, it’s not too late to do one (or more) of these 6 things that every…

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  • Koala

    Quickies: Koalas are not “functionally extinct”

    No, koalas are not “functionally extinct” but they are in trouble – There’s been reporting that due to the wildfires in Australia, koalas have lost 80% of their habitat, making them functionally extinct. See this twitter thread on the actual losses, as well as the unnecessary hyperbole of the current reporting. Yes, the wildfires are terrible and destructive and climate…

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  • Cat in foreground with dog in background

    Quickies: Civility and protest in the face of challenges to our democracy…

    It’s Friday, and today, I have some longer, more thoughtful reads bookmarked for the quickies. Civility is Overrated – at The Atlantic, Adam Serwer digs into the history of how Reconstruction failed Black Americans and how the false veneer of political civility has often masked rampant oppression and violence in this country. “The true threat to America is not an…

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  • Typewriter

    Quickies: John Updike the malfunctioning sex robot

    I’ve talked here before about my personal choice to not read books by cishet white men. Our first link today is an excellent confirmation that that was a good decision, and helps reduce the daily amount of misogyny that I’m exposed to. Malfunctioning sex robot – By Patricia Lockwood for the London Review of Books. John Updike is a revered…

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  • Image of a stew in a fancy bowl

    Quickies: A 4000-Year Old Cookbook and the Woman Who Told Us About It but Wasn’t Believed

    Happy Wednesday! I have just two quickies for you this week. NPR has a fascinating story about researchers who made and ate recipes that were translated from 4000 year old Babylonian tablets. Apparently the resulting stews tasted pretty good but unfortunately NPR does not share the recipes in the article. One particular detail in the article is that a woman…

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  • Ford on TV

    Quickies: Kavanaugh Protest, Racial Discrimination in Real Estate, and All about the $ in the Ukraine Scandal

    Protesters Blare Christine Blasey Ford Testimony and Dress Up as Handmaids outside Kavanaugh Speech, USA Today: “As guests filed into Union Station to hear a keynote speech by Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh Thursday evening, the scene outside included protesters dressed in “Handmaid’s Tale” costumes and chanting their support for Dr. Christine Blasey Ford.” In addition, they had a HUGE…

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