I was at the March for Science in Boston and as much as it tried to be apolitical, the politics kept leaking in. You can't put two people together in…


Funny, but when you have two people rating attractiveness, not only is it creepy, it does not take into account the fact that people have different "types"; That is, a…

Jon Brewer

I was more thinking of Western liberals in general who confuse sensitivity with cowardice and greed. See also all the people who compared drawing Muhammad to Holocaust denial in the…


Jon Brewer, If he does help Pakistan persecute people for speaking their minds, I have a feeling that Zuckerberg's motivation will be greed, and not some form of incredibly misguided…


That is what I was referring to. His comparisons between disabled people and animals were pejorative - towards the humans. And they weren't all that respectful of the animals, either.

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Photo of Leonardo DiCaprio with the words "Unattractive Male"

Hot or Not? What Does Science Say?

The New York Post recently published an article about some guy who says he has decided to stop dating hot women and the internet is really angry about it. I can’t tell …




Facebook in Talks with Pakistan to Help Catch Blasphemers

Support more videos like this at! Sorta transcript: The Islamic Republic of Pakistan is, as the full name might imply, a Muslim country. What you may not know is …