What Does it Mean to Lead?

There’s really only one person in the world that I hope will read this. Earlier today, a dear friend asked, “What makes a leader?”

I have to be honest, I have no idea. But, I know the qualities of the leaders I have respected.

They stand up when others don’t. Even at great personal peril.

They teach and shepherd the people more junior than them.

They raise their voice against injustice.

They are a steadfast rock for their values.

They ask questions and they challenge beliefs that are supposed to be dogma.

They’ve done this since they were in a position when it was personally vulnerable to do so.

There is really only one person I hope hears this message today. They have been one of the lighthouses of my career. They have taught me to hold resolute to values I hold dear. I hope they hear my message that they’re a leader now, not because they want to be, but because they always have been.

Isis the Scientist

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