• Bring Back Tuca and Bertie

    It’s funny, it’s feminist, and you should watch it even if it ends up being only one season long. Ok, so I promised Nicole I would pick up the Quickies for her today, but instead I want to bring your attention to the animated series called, Tuca and Bertie. Tuca and Bertie is a show about 30 something, female friendship…

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  • Los Angeles: Calling all Atheist, Agnostic, Secular Jews, Secularists, Churchless Women!

    The Los Angeles Women’s Atheist and Agnostic Group (LAWAAG for short) is starting meetups again! We welcome all levels of religiosity or lack there of. The only requirement is that you identify primarily as she/her and you aren’t an asshole. We will boot you out if you aren’t friendly! The point of this group is to build a social network for…

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  • Smash the Patriarchy

    Smash the Patriarchy – A Painting Nine Years in the Making

    This was originally posted on my Patreon. Please consider pledging $1 to me there to help me keep making art. Or, if you are a billionaire, please pledge approximately 1 million dollars. I appreciate the support. Below, is a big 3 foot by 4 foot acrylic on canvas painting that I started in 2010. I finished it yesterday. Originally, this…

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  • Seriously Learn Science poster art by Amy Davis Roth, used with permission

    Mad Monday: Seriously, Learn Science, Rick Astley, Werewolves and Big Frank

    It’s Monday and so I have some cool geeky art to share with y’all. First of all, I illustrated a new poster for you to download and print and put up in your home or school. Or even better, take it to a march or protest! It is created at 22 inches by 28 inches so it’s the perfect poster…

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  • No More #TrumpCamps Call Your Governor and Elected Officials

    Normally, I would post about the cool shit on Mad Art Lab on a Monday and yes, there is cool stuff there, so after you do what you need to do, go check it out. But first, we have more important fish to fry. Trump’s concentration camps have finally been exposed for what they are, as journalists and a few…

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  • America the free not America the me

    Mad Monday with Scary Metrics, Giger Counters, Poster Art and Werewolf Telepathy

    Hello friends! I will be sneaking out of my art studio and sliding into this blog’s mentions on Mondays to let you know about some of the cool shit happening at our sister site, Mad Art Lab. This past week, Ryan asked the question, “Is Fox News Really Scared of the Metric System?” Find out how google translate can be…

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  • Poster Art: The Melting Pot Makes US Great (Stop The Hate)

    I made a new poster for you to download and print at home. The current American administration would like you to think that immigrants coming in from Mexico and any other non-white country, are the cause of all the violence and addiction problems faced by the U.S.A. This is not true. And any thinking human knows that immigrants are what…

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  • People of Quality Don't Fear Equality poster art

    People of Quality Don’t Fear Equality

    I was reading the news on Saturday, when I saw that there was a KKK rally in Indiana. At first, I was completely disgusted. What type of person could possibly be so racist that they would even be in the KKK? And what type of even worse person would think it was a good idea to advertise that racism by…

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