• No More #TrumpCamps Call Your Governor and Elected Officials

    Normally, I would post about the cool shit on Mad Art Lab on a Monday and yes, there is cool stuff there, so after you do what you need to do, go check it out. But first, we have more important fish to fry. Trump’s concentration camps have finally been exposed for what they are, as journalists and a few…

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  • America the free not America the me

    Mad Monday with Scary Metrics, Giger Counters, Poster Art and Werewolf Telepathy

    Hello friends! I will be sneaking out of my art studio and sliding into this blog’s mentions on Mondays to let you know about some of the cool shit happening at our sister site, Mad Art Lab. This past week, Ryan asked the question, “Is Fox News Really Scared of the Metric System?” Find out how google translate can be…

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  • Poster Art: The Melting Pot Makes US Great (Stop The Hate)

    I made a new poster for you to download and print at home. The current American administration would like you to think that immigrants coming in from Mexico and any other non-white country, are the cause of all the violence and addiction problems faced by the U.S.A. This is not true. And any thinking human knows that immigrants are what…

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  • People of Quality Don't Fear Equality poster art

    People of Quality Don’t Fear Equality

    I was reading the news on Saturday, when I saw that there was a KKK rally in Indiana. At first, I was completely disgusted. What type of person could possibly be so racist that they would even be in the KKK? And what type of even worse person would think it was a good idea to advertise that racism by…

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  • Painting detail of justice scales

    How About We DON’T Free Julian Assange

    It is being reported today by the New York Times and other news sources that Sweden has announced today that it will possibly reopen the rape allegation case against WikiLeaks founder, Julian Assange. I think this is great news. It may not be wonderful news for the United States government, who is trying to extradite him to America to charge him…

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  • Colorado (Denver) Can Vote to Legalize Psilocybin aka Magic Mushrooms Tuesday

    Tomorrow, Denver, Colorado has the opportunity to legalize the recreational use of Psilocybin aka Magic Mushrooms. A yes vote on ordinance 301, Psilocybin Mushroom Initiative is a vote in favor of decriminalizing the possession of mushrooms containing the psychedelic compound psilocybin. Technically, this would make possession the lowest priority for law enforcement since our federal government still considers many helpful…

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  • California Senate Says Show Us Your Taxes or Stay Off Our Ballot

    The California State Senate voted Thursday to pass a bill that tells Trump to put up or STFU. The Bill approved in a 27-10 vote, (all 10 republicans voted no – shocking to literally no-one) now goes to Governor Newsom for his approval and signature. Republicans are trying to spin the story by saying that this would be bad for…

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  • Popper and the Paradox of Tolerance

    In the days since the recent tragedy in Charlottesville, there has been a new addition to the online/social-media meta-discourse on the problem of protected political speech in the context of the open and ongoing resurgence of white nationalism and Nazi iconography in American politics. It is a series of memes based on Karl Popper’s idea of the “Paradox of Tolerance,”…

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