• street-art-gay cops

    Quickies: Homophobic Hallmark and Boomers’ Heightened Narcissism

    Shot: Things We Saw Today: Hallmark Caves to Homophobes, the Mary Sue: “The campaign was spearheaded by One Million Karens who would like to speak to the manager Moms, which started a petition demanding that Hallmark not only remove the ads but cave to their demand not to create any sort of LGBT content. Their reasoning? ‘Such content goes against…

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  • Photo of two shirts with a "license plate" anti-ALPR design from Adversarial Fashion

    Mansplain Monday: When Men Explain Things To You By Citing You

    Mansplain Mondays are back! You might remember it as the feature that became especially meta when men began responding to the existence of our Mansplain Monday posts by mansplaining the concept of “mansplaining.” For our new Mansplain Mondays we will be featuring an especially funny example of mansplaining that we’ve come across that week, because if we can’t stop men…

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  • Art of a trumpet by Amy Davis Roth

    Public Opinion is Changing with 70% of Americans Believing Trump’s Actions Were Wrong

    I hate polls. I feel like they are inherently biased based on who is presenting them. That being said, polling data is extremely important in the land of politics – more so now than ever. Decisions by leaders are based on polls, money flow is based on polls and whether or not Trump should pack his orange suitcase and GTFO…

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  • Creative Saturday: It’s Hat Knitting Season!

    Fall is here and it’s the perfect time to spend the weekend knitting a hat with the heat cranked on while watching all of the episodes of your new favorite TV show (recommendations: Raising Dion or HBO’s Watchmen; or if you want to be inspired by gorgeous knits, Outlander). The personal is political, as the saying goes, and knitting is no different. In…

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  • Peach Mint Pie Fresh from the oven!

    Easy (im) Peach Mint Pie

    We are currently in the midst of impeachment hearings in House. We are hearing a lot of evidence from respected public servants that point out how Donald Trump attempted to bribe and extort the leader of the Ukraine (for Trump’s personal gain.) The evidence is damning. Seriously, it is. There has been no evidence at all exonerating the president, as…

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  • Climate Change & Checkout Charity: Why Bother to Change the World?

    This post contains a video, which you can also view here. To support more videos like this, head to! Transcript: I recently wrote a Tweet that went viral. Yes, thank you, I’m very #blessed. It’s weird because it’s never the things I think should go viral, like, you know, a link to a video I spent hours writing, filming,…

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  • #HollywoodPayUp: Production Assistants Need Fair Pay

    The other day, I was listening to Scriptnotes, a podcast hosted by Craig Mazin (creator of Chernobyl) and John August (writer of Disney’s Aladdin), and one of the issues they brought up was the treatment of production assistants (PA’s) in Hollywood. The question they asked their listeners was (paraphrasing), what is going to be the next obvious issue that people…

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  • School Strike for Climate

    Quickies: Climate Protests, a White Supremacist’s Hard Drive, & the Times Up Legal Defense Fund

    Photos: What the Youth Climate Strike Looks Like around the World, by Brian Resnick and Danielle Scruggs, Vox: The climate strikes around the world on Friday, September 20, were nothing short of extraordinary, although I fear the second round, last Friday, got lost amid impeachment news in the US. This collection of photos is inspiring and urgent. We can’t lose…

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