Quickies: MARS!, Mars?, passwords, and ferrets

Welcome to March 2021! While we’re all… still… processing… March 2020. NPR’s Lulu Garcia Navarro has been collecting stories of “The Moment” when folks realized everything had changed.

Perseverance took video of ITS OWN LANDING. Oh, and Space Twitter quickly figured out that the asymmetric parachute had a hidden message. The bizarre pattern was actually useful, so that the orientation could be determined from an image of only a small part of it.

Speaking of Mars, as far as Earth-life is concerned, it’s still a hellhole, and human exploration of it won’t be easy, nor will it solve Earth’s problems. And, Elon Musk needs to keep Carl Sagan’s name out of his damn mouth.

Something that some odd messages in my spam folder alerted me to… there was a big old data leak from various services including email addresses and various login passwords. Here’s a tool to check and see if you were affected.

In cute animals and cool science, an endangered ferret was cloned and she’s ADORABLE. via Muscadine

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