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  • Quickies
    black dog smiling, wearing red bandana

    Quickies: Perspective on Iran, Presidential primaries, and lots of science…

    This week, the headlines were dominated by military action between the United States and Iran. I am in no way qualified to begin to comment on these matters, but I do recommend an early episode of the NPR podcast Throughline on the history of US-Iranian relations. I have found Throughline’s deep dives into the history behind current events to be…

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  • Quickies
    caracal, a long-earred wild cat, licking its paw

    Quickies: It’s the first Cute Animal Friday of 2020!

    Welcome to the first Friday of the new year. It’s going to take me a while to get used to it being “The Twenties.” Though sometimes, it feels like we’ve regressed to the 1920s. Horrific anti-semitic attacks are on the rise in New York and elsewhere. Here are some things you can do to be an ally against anti-semitism. A…

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  • Quickies
    Kookaburra catching a piece of bread in its beak

    Quickies: Snow art, top astronomy discoveries, and a Star War…

    On this week of Hanukkah, Christmas, and Kwanzaa, I’m keeping the Friday Quickies light and fun. Hope you are enjoying your end of December festivities! WARNING – SPOILERS for latest Star Wars: Nine Spin-offs we want after seeing The Rise of Skywalker, via Topher. It doesn’t have the one I’d desperately like to see, but that’s also a spoiler so…

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  • Feminism
    Purple flags in a grassy field

    Abuse of Abuse

    This post has been cowritten with Maria Walters. It includes discussion of domestic abuse, especially emotional and psychological abuse. Last week, the news reported that the editor-in-chief of Christianity Today, an evangelical newspaper founded by Billy Graham, called for Trump’s removal from office. There have been many different takes on what this means… but I don’t want to talk about…

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  • Quickies
    fluffy cute bird on a branch

    Quickies: Stars and Galaxies and BIRBS

    Anything big happen this week? I’m kidding… I was as delighted about the impeachment vote as anyone here. But, I’d like to start off my weekend with an all science quickies. Twin astronomer examines twin stars – Interestingly, he’s a fraternal twin, but he discovered that stars born together are chemically identical. Astronomers use MeerKAT, a radio telescope array in…

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  • Quickies
    Humpback Whale, breaching

    Quickies: Anti-vaxxer arrested for spreading deadly misinformation…

    Greetings from finals week in academia! Well, for me anyway… Ryan Reynold’s Aviation Gin presents a new chapter to last week’s Peloton ad… and it’s glorious. via Mary! Anti-vaccine campaigner is arrested in Samoa amid a deadly outbreak that has claimed 63 lives. via catherwood Saving the whales isn’t just about a headline-grabbing characteristic megafauna. They contribute greatly to capturing…

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  • Skepticism
    dog whelks, a species of snails, eating barnacles

    Quickies: When an ad goes awry, and “Radical” Mr. Rogers…

    Hello, all! I’m just barely catching up on what’s going on around me as I’ve spent the entire week firmly in “Grading Jail” because I still have poor time and task management skills. Upscale stationary bike company Peloton spectacularly fails to get a positive fitness message across in a 30-second ad. As someone who just this week wrote about their…

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  • Life Style
    a barbell on a gym floor

    Self Care Sunday: Do something you’re bad at

    I am someone who is a bit of an overachiever. I’m definitely Type-A, where the A stands for my Generalized Anxiety Disorder. Also, I’m in academia which is, let’s say, really really really frakking competitive and stressful. I love teaching and working with undergraduates so SO much that it’s worth it, but it’s a recipe for me to be overwhelmed.…

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