Quickies: Science Twitter doing its thing…

Are you ready for some drama?

University of New Hampshire professor who posed as a woman of color on Twitter so he could harass actual women on color has finally resigned. NPR might not be willing to name him, but the good old Science Drama Queen Twitter account figured out who it was long ago.

Speaking of science drama… it’s probably not a good idea to yell at and over a woman who is a long-time veteran of a field that you’ve only recently stumbled into with your bizarre assertions and follow up with a milquetoast apology…. or, why Astro Twitter is mad at Avi Loeb and showing love for Jill Tarter and just one more reason I am DONE with nonsense from dudes. (Need backstory? Here’s a great run down from Héloïse Stevance, with a h/t to SuperSparticle for sharing this!)

In better news, LGBTQ people are now eligible for domestic violence protections in all 50 states. FINALLY. via Muscadine

This week’s featured cute animal is the “nano-chameleon,” an ITTY BITTY reptile sent in to us by catherwood.

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