• QuickiesJill Tarter giving a talk with a picture of an alien sunset in the background

    Quickies: Science Twitter doing its thing…

    Are you ready for some drama? University of New Hampshire professor who posed as a woman of color on Twitter so he could harass actual women on color has finally resigned. NPR might not be willing to name him, but the good old Science Drama Queen Twitter account figured out who it was long ago. Speaking of science drama… it’s…

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  • Quickiesgoose with beak open, looking angry

    Quickies: A controversial moment, a vicious proposal, a ridiculous claim, and a potty mouth

    Welcome to your Friday Quickies! Brandt Jean’s Act Of Grace Toward His Brother’s Killer Sparks A Debate Over Forgiving – NPR does a pretty good job of capturing a wide array of voices, specifically black voices, commenting on this controversial moment. You all heard how the Trump administration actually considered a gorram alligator-filled moat for a border wall, right? The…

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  • ScienceA sign that says "asshole"

    Confessions of a Former Asshole Physicist

    As a physics professor, it’s my main job to teach my students to think about forces and fields, solve engineering problems, and understand what an image of a black hole can tell us about the nature of spacetime. As a professor at a liberal arts college, I also think it’s important to talk about science as a uniquely human endeavor…

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  • Feminism

    How to Guide for Criticizing Conservative Women Without Being a Sexist Asshole

    Two years ago I wrote a piece arguing that threatening women with rape or violence and using gendered slurs to smear them was not ok to do even when the woman in question is an awful person. Although this seems obvious to many of us, it has become the most controversial thing I have ever written, with detractors trying to…

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  • Featured

    Peeple: Harassment is Destiny?

    The controversial “Yelp for People” app, Peeple, has launched today for iOS users (their site touts a nauseatingly sanguine “Character is Destiny” tagline). For those who are unfamiliar with the concept, here is the app in the creator’s words: “Peeple is a positivity app for positive people that allows you to leave or receive recommendations in the following 3 Categories: Professional, Personal, and Dating.”…

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  • FeminismExperience Life magazine cover with Vani Hari

    Fun Fact! Even Awful Women Don’t Deserve Rape Threats

    TW for sexist slurs and threats of gender violence. Recently, the online discussion over the harassment of women has become a hot topic. We’ve dealt with our share of harassment here at Skepchick and we’ve stood up for others who we have seen being harassed . Sarah wrote a great piece last week about how so much of the so called “criticism” directed…

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  • Activism

    Online Harassers Prove My Point Yet Again

    This post and the video within contains NSFW language and discussion of online harassment and rape and death threats. Because of course it does! Can you even believe it? I know, I know, we should be skeptical of outrageous claims but it’s TOTALLY true. We STILL GET VICIOUS HATE MAIL ABOUT COFFEE AND ELEVATORS. STILL. TODAY. Yup. I brought up…

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  • Activism

    Ask Surly Amy: How To Help Fight Sexism On The Internet

    It’s been a while and things have been wild but I’m bringing back my Ask Surly Amy series because I have opinions and advice and I can not contain these feelings any longer. Besides, we get a shit-ton of emails sent in that ask us all kinds of random stuff and Rebecca just files them in the virtual round filing…

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