Quickies: Helping Jackson, reimagining space, and vaccinating Dolly Parton

Happy International Women’s Day!

Jackson, Mississippi, has been experiencing a water crisis for three weeks now, dating back to the winter storm that paralyzed Texas and other southern states. However, they’ve not gotten nearly the same amount of attention. Here is one way you can help a group that’s been working to help people on the ground.

The Perseverance landing site on Mars is now the Octavia E. Butler Landing. If you are not already familiar with the amazing work of Octavia Butler, or even if you are, check out this recent episode all about her on NPR’s Throughline.

Another excellent oped comes out at Scientific American, calling for the renaming of the James Webb Space Telescope in light of Webb’s work in trying to purge LGBT people from the federal workforce. Instead, the authors propose using the telescope to honor another person who used the stars to navigate to freedom, Harriet Tubman.

Have you see this cool photo of a floating ship? It’s not magic, but rather a cool consequence of thermodynamics and optics, which you can learn all about in this clip from The Science Channel.

Look, if you haven’t seen the video of Dolly Parton getting the COVID vaccine while wearing a cold-shoulder top and singing “vaccine, vaccine” to the tune of “Jolene,” you haven’t lived.

For your cool animal photos this week, check out the winners of this underwater photo contest, featuring a wide-angle tentacle-palooza. H/t Muscadine!

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