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    Quickies: Double masking, direct payments, and Q

    Hello and happy Monday! With my new teaching schedule, Thursday and Friday are actually my busiest days, so I’m moving my weekly roundups to Monday for the time being. First off, definitely check out this article on double-masking, and other ways to make your masks more effective amid more contagious strains of the coronavirus. Also from NPR, here’s a look…

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    Quickies: Toxic hand sanitizer, side benefit of face masks, racism in NH policing, and more…

    Your Friday Quickies are late again… because virtual academic conferences are surprisingly just as tiring as in-person events. First off, check your hand sanitizer bottles. The FDA has recalled 77 products to date that contain methanol, aka wood alcohol, the toxic kind that can make you blind. And yes, it’s even dangerous when applied to your skin. H/t to Bethany…

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    Helpful COVID-19 Quickies and Cute Animal… Saturday?

    Hello again to another Friday… oops I mean Saturday! Having trouble keeping track of days? Well, we all are. My mostly-optional Zoom online class schedule is the only thing that’s really keeping me aware these days. Anyway, apologies for the lateness. First, I have just a few COVID-related stories that are good reads and not entirely anxiety inducing which would…

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