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  • Quickiesfirst full color image of Martian surface from Perseverance

    Quickies: Aid to Texas, pictures from Mars, and more

    It’s the start of a new week, but I’m still reeling over the devastation in Texas. If you’d like to help, check out this list of mutual aid organizations and another city-by-city list of resources. This isn’t necessarily news, but NPR recently put up a directory of where you can get all the info about COVID vaccine distribution in your…

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  • Quickies

    Quickies: Double masking, direct payments, and Q

    Hello and happy Monday! With my new teaching schedule, Thursday and Friday are actually my busiest days, so I’m moving my weekly roundups to Monday for the time being. First off, definitely check out this article on double-masking, and other ways to make your masks more effective amid more contagious strains of the coronavirus. Also from NPR, here’s a look…

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