Quickies Goes to (Virtual) DragonCon!

Normally I’d be passing off the Quickies today as I would be in Atlanta, Georgia, for the annual DragonCon, a fan-run 80,000+ person mega-geek event. However… 2020 is doing its 2020 thing, and jamming tens of thousands of sweaty people together in five hotels is just not a good idea. So, DragonCon has gone virtual!

In the FIRST episode of the Skepchick Podcast, Rebecca, Maria, and I reminisce our previous years at DCon while highlighting what’s coming for this weekend’s virtual event. Virtual DragonCon is streaming FREE for everyone, but for $10, you can buy the streaming pass that let’s you re-watch it all year long. I’m particularly excited about that because as an attending pro, I normally DON’T have the option to do that.

I’d especially encourage you to check out the Science Track, which features panels including many of your favorite Skepchick Network writers such as Emily Finke, Ryan Consell, Jim Tigwell, Raychelle Burks, Celia Yost, and yours truly. I’ll also be doing some programming with the Space Track!

With that in mind, let’s do a totally science-themed Quickies to get you ready…

And, as always for Friday, here is your round-up of cute and cool animals, submitted by Muscadine on the Skepchick Discord:


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