• Quickiesa person in a left shark costume, a person in an inflatable trex and a model dinosaur

    Quickies Goes to (Virtual) DragonCon!

    Normally I’d be passing off the Quickies today as I would be in Atlanta, Georgia, for the annual DragonCon, a fan-run 80,000+ person mega-geek event. However… 2020 is doing its 2020 thing, and jamming tens of thousands of sweaty people together in five hotels is just not a good idea. So, DragonCon has gone virtual! In the FIRST episode of…

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  • Feminism

    Don’t tell me to love my body

    I want to talk to you about how you talk to me about how I talk about my body, and how I talk about how I feel about my body, and what’s wrong with everything you have to say about what I have to say. In short, fuck you. I don’t love my body. My body is awful. I will…

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