Quickies: Food Lies, Gender Science, “Hurt” Thor…

... and a new cute animal to adore

Happy Friday, y’all! Before I get into the Friday Quickies, I wanted to remind you that Mad Art Lab has re-launched! I’m a huge fangirl of that site and the writers because they take the blend of science and creativity to new heights. Want to read about werewolf telepathy? The physics of paint pouring? Getting your ass kicked in-game? Messing with spatial dimensions? They have you covered.

Now, on to the stories:

Though I consider Hemsworth and Thompson to be VERY cute mammals, let’s focus on some non-human ones, shall we? The rusty spotted cat is the smallest feline in the world and IT’S SO CUTE AND TINY AND I DON’T CARE IF IT’S A WILD MATURE ADULT I WANT TO SNUGGLE IT FOREVER. Via Muscadine.

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