• QuickiesPrzewalski foal lying in the grass, looking sleepy

    Quickies: Astrophysical broccoli, science vids from Dragon Con, and Cute Animal Friday

    I honestly don’t have a lot this week to share… because I’m coping with waves hands all this by still basking in the glow of the awesomeness that was Virtual DragonCon, particularly the programming from the Science Track, which you can now watch on their YouTube channel! 3.2 billion pixel camera for astrophysics tested on… broccoli? Specifically Romanesco broccoli for…

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  • PoliticsTrump frowning at UFC

    Quickies: Trump Gets Booed Live Again and Facebook Politicizing Anti-HIV Drug Ads

    Trump Is in Denial About Getting Booed Again, This Time at a UFC Fight, Mother Jones: Odds are you didn’t miss this news over the weekend, but I’m sharing it anyway because Trump getting real feedback from Americans, and at a UFC fight of all places, is exactly the flicker of hope I need right now. He did apparently get…

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  • QuickiesPicture of a rusty spotted cat

    Quickies: Food Lies, Gender Science, “Hurt” Thor…

    Happy Friday, y’all! Before I get into the Friday Quickies, I wanted to remind you that Mad Art Lab has re-launched! I’m a huge fangirl of that site and the writers because they take the blend of science and creativity to new heights. Want to read about werewolf telepathy? The physics of paint pouring? Getting your ass kicked in-game? Messing…

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  • Parenting

    Cross-Post: Don’t Like. Don’t Share. Don’t Comment. Don’t Pray.

    Editor’s Note: The following article was written by Deek and originally featured on Grounded Parents. A link to the whole article, where you can leave comments, is at the bottom.  ****** You may have seen it in your Facebook news feed: a picture of a mother in the NICU cradling her baby surrounded by medical equipment, a smiling child with down…

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  • Featured

    Bad Chart Thursday: Leaving Facebook Makes You as Happy as a Cleanse Makes You Healthy

    Does Facebook contribute to unhappiness, an unsatisfying social life, and envy? The Danish Happiness Research Institute recently conducted an experiment to find out. This was clearly a rigorous and serious study as evidenced by how they chose to report the results: an infographic pdf–the Internet equivalent of a picture book. The presentation doesn’t necessarily mean that it is a bad…

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  • Meta Stuff

    Skepchick Sundaylies: Numismatic Quilling, Names on Facebook, Atheist Rosh Hashanah, Life Before Disability

    Sunday Funny: Being a woman at an atheist convention. (via Medium) Teen Skepchick The Not So Beautiful Game: In Which Our Intrepid Narrator Validates his Ideological Convictions via Reality Television, Name Drops, and then Blames the Internet for Mental and Societal Ills Elizabeth isn’t even offended by this book anymore. She’s just bored. DBT Skills: Be Excellent To Yourselves Olivia…

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  • Science

    Facebook’s Unethical Research Project

    Facebook has apparently conducted a “massive” psychological experiment and published the results in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Science (PNAS). The study sought to manipulate the emotional responses of 689,000 Facebook users by controlling the types of content that appeared on their feeds in order to see whether or not emotional traits can be “transferred to others via…

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  • Activism

    Help Without Heaven

    As part of my ongoing Do Better Challenge, I am seeking out people who are doing volunteer work and good deeds to help out in the various secular communities. We see a lot of negativity in the world and because of that, every now and then, I like to try to focus your attention on some of the good people…

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