Quickies: Trump Gets Booed Live Again and Facebook Politicizing Anti-HIV Drug Ads

Plus the Mueller Report memos were released to Buzzfeed this weekend!

  • Trump Is in Denial About Getting Booed Again, This Time at a UFC Fight, Mother Jones: Odds are you didn’t miss this news over the weekend, but I’m sharing it anyway because Trump getting real feedback from Americans, and at a UFC fight of all places, is exactly the flicker of hope I need right now. He did apparently get some cheers, but they were drowned out in many of the tweeted videos, in part, to be fair, because the people sharing the videos were clearly in sections where the booing (and their own booing) was louder. But still. Definitely more boos, and as you can see in the AP photo above, Trump definitely heard them. I for one encourage the president to continue to attend live events outside his rallies in search of those elusive cheers.
  • Facebook under Fire after Ads for Anti-HIV Drug PrEP Deemed Political, the Guardian: Yeah, yeah, I know. Facebook is horrible in multiple increasing ways, but this particular error seems to me indicative of the Right’s ongoing attempts to politicize marginalized identities and healthcare as a way to discriminate in new and exciting ways. Facebook has never been more clearly operated according to right-wing ratfucking principles. H/t Muscadine
  • The Mueller Report’s Secret Memos, Buzzfeed: I’ve added this to the Quickies because the news came out on Saturday, but don’t get too excited. The released memos are still mostly redactions. You can go straight to the documents themselves here.

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