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ICYMI: Changing the World, Invisible Dragons, and Religious Freedom

Teen Skepchick

Amanda Marcotte Got It Wrong
Olivia argues that it’s not OK to arrest an rape victim in order to compel them to testify.

Changing the World, One Small, Doable Action at a Time
Elisheba finds that her Peace Corps experience translates into making the world better at home.

Why We Dress How We Do
Grim argues that the focus on what women wear ignores the many reasons people dress the way they do.

Mad Art Lab

Here Be Invisible Dragons
Brian interviews Jocelyn Oudesluys, author and illustrator, who has adapted Carl Sagan’s Invisible Dragon story into a children’s book.

Design Diary – Pan Sword
The making of the Pan Sword from Hook.

Clean Water, Breathable Air, and the Science of Food: The Legacy of Ellen Swallow  
If you breathe it, eat it, or drink it, Ellen Swallow probably had a hand in creating the science of it.


Raising Crows: Effective Contraceptives (en español)
In the second part of her post on how to not conceive, Elara reviews contraceptive methods and their efficacy.


Accidentally Gay
Wolsey explores how transitioning has turned his husband from “mostly straight” to visibly gay, and what the accidental consequences of this are for their partnership.

Can We Not Quote Mine Each Other?
Yessenia asks us to hold ourselves to higher standards than quote mining to make a point “for our team.”

Why The Recent Spate of “Religious Freedom” Bills May Be a Good Thing
Karou lays out the silver lining of the hideous queer discrimination bills that have been popping up all over the US.

School of Doubt

Charity Work: My Life as an Adjunct Part II
Jodee talks more about the challenges facing adjunct professors

Pop Quiz: School Uniforms
Jennifer considers the value of school uniforms

Arizona to Add MLGay Day to Keep Super Bowl
Richard laments the passing of the recently vetoed Arizona “religious freedom” bill

Grounded Parents

Irish Education: When Your Choice is Catholic, Catholic, or Catholic
How do you remain secular when church-sponsored schools are the norm?

What the Social Model of Disability Tells Us About Working Parenthood
We don’t think of parenthood as a disability, but the reality is different when we live in a  world where disability is defined by an inability to measure up to arbitrary and societally-imposed standards.

Why “Just Don’t Buy It” Doesn’t Work
Gender-normative clothing is only a symptom of something that pervades our entire society. It’s not enough to simply “not buy them” and to provide good role models – we need to teach children how to navigate the real world and to recognize its faults.

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