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Rebecca Watson, Speaking of people trying to control women's bodies and people wanting to restrict access to abortion..... ‘Issues in Law & Medicine’: A One-Stop Journal for Anti-Vaccine, Anti-Abortion Pseudoscience…


Rebecca Watson, The biggest reason we better take care of the Earth is that it is our home and their probably isn't another ready made habitable planet that we could…


I don't have anything in front of me to sight, but I saw an article lately that said that while lab studies show neonics are a problem, field studies don't…

Buzz Parsec

I forgot the original reason I commented on the Cheerios-wild-flower article. :-) Wouldn't it make more sense instead of putting a packet of (sometimes inappropriate) seeds in each box, most…

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SteveKingIA tweet

Rep. Steve King: Proud White Supremacist

On Sunday, US Congressman Steve King (R-IA) retweeted the anti-immigrant fake news account Voice of Europe, adding his own white supremacist take on the original tweet: @SteveKingIA: “Wilders understands that …




Birth Control Should Be Cheap and Easy, Over the Counter!

Support more videos like this at! Sorta transcript: A new metanalysis has been published outlining the evidence that oral birth control pills are safe and effective even for teens …