John the Drunkard

Gestational Diabetes? There's an old athlete's tail that women who've had their connective tissue go through the softening, and reordering that pregnancy requires find themselves stronger afterwards. I've read this…


Amanda, That evolution of Human Birth video is really interesting. Thanks for sharing it. I find thing about midwives to be particularly intriguing.


Amanda "A lot of Americans don’t know a single scientist." That's really disappointing, although unfortunately it isn't that surprising, given the abysmal state of education in our country.


There's kind of a poetic through-line in you headline summery what with fake news, gaslighting, and animals using poop. A rather ugly one, but appropriate none the less.


I didn't like the video at all, for the following reason: If the beloved dog were really in terrible danger, what was the owner doing, standing calmly on the bank…

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Congressman Calls Women “Hosts,” Which Makes Fetuses Parasites

Support more videos like this at! Sorta transcript: Oklahoma State Republican Justin Humphrey has proposed a bill that would force women seeking abortions to get written consent from the father …