I thought the Streisand effect was a well known and often cited thing among skeptics? Ah well. Don't worry, Ben. This whole thing had actually slipped from my mind, but…


What an asshole, again by his own actions he has shown himself to be certainly, without doubt, a total shit. Unlike the various accusations against him, which I believe are…


So, he never threatened to sue... Well, he did, but he's not really going to... Unless some unspecified set of circumstances are fulfilled, then he still might. I'm glad we…


Also... as usual, I forgot to subscribe. Sorry.


Wow. Now I'm even more motivated to donate a little more to your campaign. Ben Radford is a fucking douche. Wait... is he going to (totally not) threaten to sue…

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Duggar Husband: Racism is Caused by Evolution, Solved by the Bible

Support more videos like this at! Links: Sorta transcript: The Duggars may have had their reality show, 2 billion kids and counting, cancelled because of one of …