One thing which might help is if the NFL did away with the "down by contact" rule. Instead a player isn't down until he's wrestled to the ground by an…


There aren't many options. Limiting the weight of the players helps. It is the combination of mass and speed that contributes to the likelyhood of a concussion. As player size…

Irwin Chusid

Is that how you address the people who regularly read SkepChick and agree with you — "Fucking idiots?" Why do you have such a low opinion of your readership?

Phillip Hallam-Baker

I really really want the CoE to win its lawsuit and force the cinema to accept the ads on the grounds of 'equal access'. The ads for satanism would be…


You'd think that after so many incidents of it happening, it would be covered pretty thoroughly in training. You'd think so, anyway.

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