Friendship is powerful, friends will stick by their friends through thick and thin. Friends will lie for friends. Seriously? You really think people are that stupid to believe that people…


Regarding the Aeroflot weight requirements, there is a very important question I don't see asked: Are the male pilots subjected to the exact same weight requirements as the women? After…


Although I realize it's all bunk I actually enjoyed the two "Conjuring" movies. I haven't seen the spinoff about the haunted doll. Anyhow...this is all so ridiculous...we can grow a…


The 1 billion dollar drop in United shares on the stock market is a hopeful sign. At least most shareholders get that this incident was handled abominably. I hear that…

Jon Brewer

Thanks. Yeah, the biggest problem was, I mean, if you were on Daily Kos last year, you would see just how much gaslighting the Clinton people were involved in. And…

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How Video Games Might Help Depression & PTSD!

Support more videos like this at! Sorta transcript: Two new studies suggest some positive things for those of us who, number one, like video games, and number two, are …




Are Atheists Scared of Death?

Support more videos like this at! Sorta transcript: Researchers at Oxford University have conducted a meta-analysis in which they examined 100 studies concerning fear of death, looking for correlations …