Rebecca Watson

1.) Not sure your point here. Just because there is a very small chance that someone may become pregnant while using birth control is no reason to not offer medical…

Jon Brewer

Oh, you should see the kind of weird backlash I've seen. Acting like a possible (but by no means the medical consensus) case of epigenetic damage from a man drinking…

Jon Brewer

The imaginary Indian is pretty universal in North America. We're exploited by anyone with an agenda.

Jon Brewer

A lot of Hillary supporters are now trying to excuse Human Rights Campaign's history of bi- and trans-exclusion (among other, shall we say, problematic tendencies) as well.


I think you are conflating Julia's problem with the ALL CAPS piece and HRC herself.

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Why the CDC’s Advice for Some Women not to Drink Isn’t So Bad

Support more videos like this at! Sorta transcript: The CDC has just recommended that women who are sexually active but not using birth control should stop drinking all alcohol. …




Stop Making Fun of Rihanna’s Album Sales

This post was originally featured on Mad Art Lab, Skepchick’s sister site focusing on the intersection of science and art!  Rihanna has become something of a meme this week, after …