Let's not.


It deserves it's own fallacy. Anyone accusing someone else of trying to get attention is themselves trying to get attention. Also when people complain about other people being offended without…

Gwen Sutton

Let's not blame mental health for his behavior, please. Also, hope for a speedy and comfortable recovery for him and his family.


Sometimes the sugar works in your favour, e.g if you need to prep for a colonoscopy. It's the same exactly for a diabetic. The way I did it twice now,…


I'm in awe of you guys in the US, that you do so well all the time with these bloody useless conversions! We OTOH went cold turkey and work in…

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toilet paper

Expensive-Ass Toilet Paper is Full of Shit

Everyone uses toilet paper, but how many people get to say that they use outrageously overpriced toilet tissues, as part of a three-step butt care process? This year’s celebrities at the Oscars. …