Howard Frant

I don't think people have really thought through the implications of an obvious fact: Clinton was a senator from New York, Sanders is a senator from Vermont. 1. Finance employs…


Bio-fermented minerals? What does that even mean? I'd love to have been a fly on the wall of that meeting where they came up with this shit...

Jon Brewer

What's really bad is, it's not even 'can't rot' ingredients you should be worried about. Take a Twinkie. If I were diabetic, I'd worry more about the 46 grams of…

Amy Buzalsky

Thank you for posting the Intersex article from The Guardian! It does a wonderful job describing the issues of us intersex individuals experience. I had my gonads removed without much…

Julia Burke

I admit to mistakes on here all the time. On this point, however, we'll have to agree to disagree.

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toilet paper

Expensive-Ass Toilet Paper is Full of Shit

Everyone uses toilet paper, but how many people get to say that they use outrageously overpriced toilet tissues, as part of a three-step butt care process? This year’s celebrities at the Oscars. …