I was a bit confused by what the takeaway was supposed to be from that story myself. Me too. Some of it may be the limits of the short opinion-piece…


I read it more of an expression of anger and frustration than I did as a call to action. I have a hard time seeing the idea that people should…


Agreed; the comments are HORRIBLE. The assumption on the part of the author that bone broth was specifically Chinese (it's not even specific to a particular CONTINENT) was mind-blowing, though.…


I did some detective work and looks like those graphics were produced by energy company employees, no surprises there lol. "Native Coloradans and Energy Employees"

Jon Brewer

The difference between a psychic and a magician is, with the latter, everyone knows it's an illusion. Magicians tend to encourage skepticism, psychics...their entire livelihood depends on the kayfabe.

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