Amanda, Wow I would definitely not want to be a women in the Victorian era. Come to think about it, I wouldn't want to live in the Victorian era even…


Jesus, I knew the unconscious bias in the tech industry was bad, but a 90% reduction in hires for women? That's insane! That's... almost impossible to contextualize. How is it…

Jon Brewer

Not just that, but the fossil fuels industry and the banks when they build pipelines (Banks build pipelines and then rent them.) tend to hire sex offenders. It's not a…


Wow, why can't I get a last name like Hermes?


What is happening at the DAPL protests is heartbreaking. I can't help but notice how differently the people legitimately protesting the destruction and theft of their land are being treated…

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A Response to Jordan Peterson

An interview with University of Toronto Psychology professor Jordan Peterson has been circulating around social media for a few days now. In the interview, Peterson says a number of disturbing …