Why do rich people still use toilet paper anyway? Why be rich if you're not going to get a Toto Washlet with a heated seat?


Except that "survival of the fittest" doesn't mean what *certain* people want it to. And, by "certain people", I mean usually those that are either a) religious, and want it…


Mr misconception, your comment is classic yet breezy, with a casually sophisticated style that says, "I've arrived." (Not to disparage the heroine's taste, but in my own field expeditions, I…


No, no, the caption says right there that it's scientific.

Howard Frant

Sorry, Albert, but this is not serious. "I hate that Hillary Clinton! Why, there are literally *hundreds* of injustices in the world she has said nothing about! What about the…

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toilet paper

Expensive-Ass Toilet Paper is Full of Shit

Everyone uses toilet paper, but how many people get to say that they use outrageously overpriced toilet tissues, as part of a three-step butt care process? This year’s celebrities at the Oscars. …