• Politicspeople walking on a thin bridge

    Bridging the divide

    I recently saw a social media post shared by a dear friend that showed two men reaching out to shake hands… one holding a huge “Trump” flag and one holding a huge “Biden” flag. The caption was something along the lines of rejecting hate and coming together… and that got my hackles up. I was immediately reminded of the quote…

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  • ActivismTwo board murals. The left one features a solidarity fist with the words "Black Lives Matter." On the right is says "Say Their Names" and lists the names of many of the black victims of police violence.

    Black Lives Matter Has Covered Cities in Political Art

    For many of us that live in neighborhoods where protests in opposition to police violence against black people have taken place, the look and feel of the neighborhood has changed as many businesses have boarded up their windows. In some cases the boards went up due to actual broken windows, but in most cases, businesses have boarded their windows in…

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  • Quickiesclose up of a duckling on grass

    Quickies: Anti-racist actions and discussions this week…

    Hey, all. Have you been keeping up with the list of direct actions that you can take from last week’s quickies? Because actions keep getting added. Tragically, names are as well, some of them seriously injured protestors. Some people feel (hope, even?) that we’ve hit a critical point in anti-racist actions in the United States… I don’t know enough to…

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  • Activismpicture of a colorful bird

    Quickies: Activism and #BlackBirdersWeek

    I honestly don’t know where to begin after a week like this in the United States. Or should I say, yet ANOTHER week like this, because, in a lot of ways, we’ve been here before. Last week, I posted a short list of actions and ways to learn about racial justice. That got expanded into a Google doc because making…

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  • Quickiesunderside of a frog with transparent skin

    Quickies: COVID models, #JusticeForBre, and more…

    What? The Friday Quickies are back on an actual Friday?! I mean, all time is Jeremy Bearimy anyway, but whatever bit of normalcy I can hang on to, I will. First, some COVID-related stuff: The Risks – Know Them – Avoid Them: A fascinating and straightforward explanation of exposure risks in everyday situations. Staying 6 feet apart won’t help anyone…

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  • ActivismPhoto of two shirts with a "license plate" anti-ALPR design from Adversarial Fashion

    Mansplain Monday: When Men Explain Things To You By Citing You

    Mansplain Mondays are back! You might remember it as the feature that became especially meta when men began responding to the existence of our Mansplain Monday posts by mansplaining the concept of “mansplaining.” For our new Mansplain Mondays we will be featuring an especially funny example of mansplaining that we’ve come across that week, because if we can’t stop men…

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  • Quickiesbrown dog in a small pool

    Quickies: 2019 only gets more depressing and even weirder…

    Happy Friday, everyone! Or is it? It’s been a bit hard lately to think positively in this country when we’re caging immigrant families and recreating fascist symbolism in the capital. Let’s take a closer look at the first week of July in the bizzarest timeline.

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  • ActivismDesertification image

    #ClimateFacts Tweetstorm at POTUS Jan. 26, Noon Eastern Time

    The Trump administration and some members of Congress are intent on misinforming the public on climate change and acting on these lies in a storm of decisions that will damage our planet, our economy, and our future, from withdrawing from the Paris Climate Accord and moving forward with the Keystone pipeline to the gag order on the EPA, particularly on…

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