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  • What Does It Mean For The Show To Go On?

    Earlier today a rag-tag group of people gathered in Northridge Park in Coralville, Iowa. I walked over to a table and saw some little children drawing on pennants with puffy paint. They were creating dedications to my son. One looked up at me and asked, as she would have any nearby grown-up, “How do you spell Charlie?” I spelled it…

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  • On The 1st Day of Winter Break My True Love Gave to Me: A Day That Was Fun and Care Free

    Yesterday I submitted my grades and had my last lab meeting of 2020. Strange is working this upcoming week. He’s taken Christmas attending coverage every year that we’ve been together, but I have absolutely nothing pressing today. No deadlines. No urgent emails. No home school. Nothing that can’t wait a spell. It has been at least nine months since I…

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  • Getting and Giving Bad News Remotely

    Today’s post is not particularly journalism-y, but our fearless leader gave me the keys to the kingdom and told me I could write whatever I wanted. So, here’s some deeply personal stuff in the times of COVID. We’ve been socially distanced in our homes in beautiful suburban Iowa for 24 days. Maybe 25 days? I don’t even know what day…

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  • America the free not America the me

    Mad Monday with Scary Metrics, Giger Counters, Poster Art and Werewolf Telepathy

    Hello friends! I will be sneaking out of my art studio and sliding into this blog’s mentions on Mondays to let you know about some of the cool shit happening at our sister site, Mad Art Lab. This past week, Ryan asked the question, “Is Fox News Really Scared of the Metric System?” Find out how google translate can be…

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  • mad art lab logo

    Good News: Mad Art Lab is Back!

    Following in the footsteps of this here site, we are extremely happy to report the return of one of the happiest spots on the internet, Mad Art Lab! That’s right, we are bringing back our sister site that is dedicated to the intersection of art, science and pop-culture. We will have art and science themed quickies on Mondays, Wednesdays and…

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  • Hello Again! Skepchick is Back!

    Hello, dear friends of the Skepchick community. As you’ve probably noticed, the past two years or so have been pretty quiet on here — just little old me, posting my YouTube video transcripts. At its height, Skepchick had dozens of writers across several different sister sites blogging about science, and critical thinking, and progressive values as they pertain to women,…

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  • It’s the Skepchick Sundaylies! How Not to Grade, Dealing with an Empty Nest, Surviving Super-Armor, and more!

    Sunday Funny: Existence proof. (via xkcd) Teen Skepchick Making America Great Again: Denying Buttons to the Poor Hating the poor is an American tradition. Mad Art Lab Power-Armor Punch-Up Would a super-powered super-suit really protect you from being Hulk smashed? School of Doubt 10 Tips: How Not to Grade Jay provides some very important grading tips for teachers. Grounded Parents…

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  • It’s the Skepchick Sundaylies! Help Finding a Therapist and the Intentionality Fallacy

    Sunday Funny: The Hard Limit of Outrage (via Wondermark) Teen Skepchick Guest Post – Trying to Get Therapy: Asking Questions Beyond “How Long Have You Been Practicing?” Finding a therapist that is a good match for you can be hard. This guest post by Chihaya can help. School of Doubt The Intentionality Fallacy Jay explains how the intentionality fallacy crops…

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