• Feminismwall of security cameras

    Quickies: Kavanaugh Exposed, Austin’s Abortion Travel Fund, and Surveillance State Fashion

    Brett Kavanaugh: Even Worse Than We Thought, by Jessica Mason at the Mary Sue: Although the focus during Kavanaugh’s Supreme Court nomination hearings was his sexual assault of Christine Blasey Ford, others alleged sexual misconduct, including Deborah Ramirez and the 25 corroborating witnesses to Kavanaugh sticking his penis in her face at Yale. The FBI never contacted a single person,…

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  • FeminismMug Shot of Jeffrey Epstein

    The Rise and Downfall of Jeffrey Epstein Is About a Lot More Than Just Epstein

    A lot of words have already been written here at Skepchick about Jeffrey Epstein being arrested on charges of sex crimes. Amy wrote about how she wants every man connected to Epstein that took part in his sex trafficking to be taken down alongside him, regardless of their political leanings. Rebecca wrote about the scientists who have publicly supported Epstein…

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  • Feminism

    Lady Gaga & Joe Biden Bring Awareness to Sexual Assault at the Oscars

      The Oscars are, and continue to be, problematic as all hell. Year after year, the nominees are overwhelmingly white. Straight, cis, able-bodied actors garner awards (and ally cookies) for playing LGBT & disabled characters. Hosts use their platform to punch down. This year is no different in some of these areas, but the show has had a few valuable moments. One…

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  • Featured

    Can We Believe Women Now?

    If you’ll recall, last year there was a horrible incident in which Rolling Stone botched a piece about a gang rape at UVA. They issued a retraction after it came out that details in the story were incorrect and that they did not have enough evidence to support the story. After the retraction, many people felt the need to gloat…

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  • Skepticism

    Shia LaBeouf: Still Weird, Still Worth Compassion

    I don’t really get Shia LaBeouf. I’m not entirely sure that anyone “gets” Shia LaBeouf, as his behavior is often self-aggrandizing, sometimes bizarre, and repeatedly unethical (plagiarizing an apology for plagiarism? It’s…almost funny). I make no pretensions to have opinions on performance art, whether LaBeouf is a “real artist” or not, or whether anyone should take the guy seriously in…

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  • Feminism

    Guerrilla Feminism Founder Takes On Victim-Blaming Campus Police in Madison

    TW: Sexual assault Lachrista Greco, founder of the organization Guerrilla Feminism, experienced rape culture firsthand when she was sexually assaulted on the UW-Madison campus in her hometown of Madison, Wisconsin, ten years ago. When she caught the UW-Madison campus police spreading victim-blaming “advice” in the form of a public service announcement this week, she took matters into her own hands, drawing attention…

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  • Meta Stuff

    ICYMI: Changing the World, Invisible Dragons, and Religious Freedom

    Teen Skepchick Amanda Marcotte Got It Wrong Olivia argues that it’s not OK to arrest an rape victim in order to compel them to testify. Changing the World, One Small, Doable Action at a Time Elisheba finds that her Peace Corps experience translates into making the world better at home. Why We Dress How We Do Grim argues that the…

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  • Feminisma chain and lock

    Anti-Rape Device Locks Out Women Most Vulnerable to Sexual Assault

    [Content Notice: sexual assault, rape, transphobic violence] A few days ago, an Indiegogo campaign came to my attention. Called “AR Wear – Confidence & Protection That Can Be Worn,” the product is basically underwear that attempts to thwart rape by being… impregnable? impenetrable? (I can’t seem to think of terms that don’t sound like bad wordplays here). The two women…

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