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  • SitP: Calgary Edition

    Heads up for you Alberta Skeptics: There a Skeptics in the Pub in Calgary that I’m pretty sure you do not want to miss! When:  Tuesday, November 3, 2009 Time:  7:00pm – 10:00pm Where: Joyce on 4th (Address: 506 24 Ave SW) Other details: Ask for the Calgary Skeptics when you get there. It’ll all be happening in “The Library”…

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  • New Blog: Filled with Skeptical Canadian Goodness

    As the Skepchick that resides in Oh Canada, it gives me great pleasure and happiness to introduce a new skeptic blog based up here in the Great North. I present to you: Skeptic North  http://www.skepticnorth.com/ I can only imagine great things to come from this blog. I mean, there’s a whole list of awesome people contributing, for crying out loud.…

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  • I’m going to be famous! Sort of…kind of?

    Okay, maybe not famous, but I’m going to be on the radio. Discussing skeptics in movies! Specifically this atrocity of a movie: http://www.apple.com/trailers/independent/theskeptic/ Yes, tomorrow Friday May 1st, 2009 I will be on Skeptically Speaking, a radio show here in Edmonton AB at 6PM MST. I will be on during a segment called “Speaking Up”. And boy, do I have…

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  • Drumroll, if you please.

    The time has come, the deadline has long passed, and it is time for the winner of April’s contest to be declared. One small problem though. See, Elyse and I were going through the entries together, and we seriously loved every single one. No lie, guys. This was a hard contest to determine the winner. Yes, we know, MS Paint…

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  • Ode to Skepchick (or Illustration of a Bear Security System That Kills People in the Face) Contest

    So, as you all probably have noticed, the last couple of weeks have been a little rough on the Skepchicks. Most recently, our fearless leader had been hit by a car and then robbed (thankfully, not in the same day, but still…suck-o-rama!). Other things have been kicking the Skepchicks in the ass, so needless to say, we could use some…

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  • Darwinian Playlist Winner

    Results are in! Elyse and I have listened, made notes, compared notes and finally picked the winner of this month’s contest.  It took us a good long while, since all the entries were top notch, but we bit the bullet and here are the results. Runner-ups (complete with comments from submitter): Tarrkid’s Playlist: The Minnow and the Trout – A…

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  • Whoops! (and February Contest)

    Wow, it’s been a while since I posted a contest. Elyse and I are very sorry about leaving you all hanging in the contest department and have vowed to make 2009 a great year for contests! We are filled with that can-do spirit (and possibly vodka). February is a very important, special month for us skeptics, so the theme for…

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  • What are you doing for Halloween? Besides looking sexy, of course.

    We have a mini contest for the last days of October. If you are dressing up for Halloween, why not dress in your best skeptical attire, (be it your favorite scientist, podcaster, actor, writer etc)?  We want you to post a picture in the comments to show off your bad self.  Elyse and I will post all the entries on…

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