New Blog: Filled with Skeptical Canadian Goodness

As the Skepchick that resides in Oh Canada, it gives me great pleasure and happiness to introduce a new skeptic blog based up here in the Great North.

I present to you: Skeptic North

I can only imagine great things to come from this blog. I mean, there’s a whole list of awesome people contributing, for crying out loud. The list includes some (but not all, so if I didn’t include you, I’m sorry! The love is there, promise):

Steve Thoms: ( of Some Canadian Skeptic)
Scott Gavura (of Science-Based Pharmacy)
Kimbo Jones  (of Skeptigirl)
Desiree Schell (of Skeptically Speaking)
Jonathan Abrams (of Ottawa Skeptics)

Today is the kick-off to the website, so why don’t you click the link, take a gander and show them some love? Because as wonderful as Canada is, we sorely need a more involved skeptical community. And this website is going to make that happen!

It gets my seal of approval!

Jill Seal of Approval


Jill is forever chained to her art desk, scribbling away.

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  1. Thanks Jill, and all the Skepchicks / Skepchick commenters for your support over the last few years, and thanks for this post!

    Just a reminder: we’re going to have a guest-blogger feature from time-to-time, so any Canadian skeptics reading this (I can think of a few off the top of my head) who wants in, should contact me and I’ll fill you in.

  2. More power too ya! Any country that gave us John Candy, Wayne Gretzky and Rush (the band, not the man), just to name a few, deserves its own skeptic blog.

    I am a big fan the Great White North. Rock on, eh.

  3. Very glad to see it. Interested in seeing how well represented Vancouver is.

    @Some Canadian Skeptic: A wee note of constructive criticism from a former web designer: Could the font and layout be widened up and/or expanded and/or content reduced a bit for ease of viewing and navigation? Sorry to say, but it’s awfully visually busy and tight. I have quite a lot of trouble navigating the page (and actually seeing stuff) because there is so much there, squished so tightly together, in a really tight and squishy font and scrolled so far down.

    Nonetheless and that aside, it’s great to see it up and running, and I’m sure things will get tweaked as time passes.

    Best of luck. It’s on my Dailies Favourites section: I will be a regular visitor.

  4. jill, you crack me up, in the adorable way :D i wants the jill seal of approval.

    also, yay canada blog, eh. or something.

  5. @ sicprefix

    I’m pleasantly surprised at how represented Vancouver is. Six of the fourteen listed regular contributors are from Vancouver, and then there’s Daniel Loxton across the Strait of Georgia.
    Add the Alberta bloggers and the standard Canadian cliches of representation (IE. Ontario-weighted.) are blown to smithereens. And there are more waiting in the wings….
    Not sure why that is, but there it is. With all due respect to our Ontario contributors – including the editor-in-chief, Steve – it’s a refreshing shift from my perspective.
    It’s also one which is bound to shift as skepticism becomes more balanced to the polulation distribution. We see the same thing below the 49th (Yeah yeah Torontonians, you’re parallel to ‘Frisco, I know – it’s a figure of speech.) with disproportionate skeptical communities in Georgia and Colorado.
    Anyhow, it’s not a competition.

  6. Wouldn’t you give Jim Carrey away if you could?

    It’s kinda like the end of a game of Old Maid. Everyone knows YOU have the queen, so no one is willing to take cards from you.

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