What are you doing for Halloween? Besides looking sexy, of course.

We have a mini contest for the last days of October. If you are dressing up for Halloween, why not dress in your best skeptical attire, (be it your favorite scientist, podcaster, actor, writer etc)?  We want you to post a picture in the comments to show off your bad self.  Elyse and I will post all the entries on November 2 and the winner will get a big bag of delicious candy. You, the reader, will decide the winner.

Mmmm, big bag o’candy!


Jill is forever chained to her art desk, scribbling away.

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  1. @Im a Hedge: LOL. Me too! Years ago I was in the pub with a colleague who’d gone straight from the lab to the pub and was complimented on his ‘mad scientist’ costume all night long.

    My only consession to Halloween is that I’ll drink even more Wychwood’s Hobgoblin on friday than I otherwise would have

  2. I tend to agree with Sam (or was it HPB?) that Halloween is all about the spooky. So while a scientist would be clever, unless it’s a ZOMBIE scientist, I think it’s not in the spirit of the season!

    That said, I’m “Neo” this Halloween.

    I had no say in the matter. Wife’s choice.

  3. I’m going trick-or-treating with my kids. They’re clone-troopers and I’m a Jedi. I’ve also got a big pile of candy to give out. I’ve stocked up on regular-size Butterfinger, Reese’s, M&Ms, plus some king-size Snickers. None of that cheesy “fun size” stuff. Whoever decided that size is “fun” must’ve had some serious size issues.

  4. Yeah, the last time I got a fun size candy bar all I could think while eating it was, “Wow, I am having so much god damned fun right now I can hardly stand it.”

    Though actually, all of that thought after the word “wow” was thought after eating the candy bar since it didn’t last very long.

  5. I dress as a technical writer. Every day. :-( Not fun, but it pays the mortgage.

    I’ll be on our porch tomorrow night handing out bags of pretzels and Goldfish crackers to the kiddies. We skipped the candy this year due to Chinese quality control issues. Many people in my area are doing the same.

  6. I will be handing out candy while dressed as an accountant after a long day at the office. I will also be drinking hot spiced apple cider spiked with rum, made from scratch, and watching the wolf man, frankenstein, dracula and the creature from the black lagoon. and any other old creature feature I can get my greedy giant hands on .

  7. @writerdd: Good choice.

    Since the weather is really nice here, I’m going to the house of one of my snobby film group friends with about 20 other people and he’s projecting two films in his backyard – ‘Evil Dead 2’ and ‘The Thing’ (the better remake from 1982).

  8. Writing poetry. See.

    In my October

    The leaves of king crimson
    and golden
    skrich scratch screech
    against the trunks.
    Shivers down
    the spines of little ghosties and ghoulies
    chasing the wolfman and monster Frankenstein
    down windy sidewalks
    while Lon Chaney Jr.
    a good man who says his prayers at night
    looks worried about full moons and wolfsbane blooms
    in a garret window of a house drawn by
    Charles Adams
    Family is in the drawing room dancing
    the monster mash with
    Vampirella and Alucard while a teenage werewolf
    drinks punch
    mutant ninja turtles cry out for
    candy threatening tricks
    party ends monsters fairy princeses sleep
    piles of candy dancing in their dreams
    mummy tells dad she has a new costume
    he cleans up crepe paper and tissue winged bats
    mummy slips off to the bedroom to change
    butterflies tickle dad’s spine
    thinking of new

  9. Some of your favorite ATL bloggees are going to a party dressed as logical fallacies. Masala_Skeptic, krelnik, MetalOperaHulk, and myself, anyway. Cleon is coming, but not in costume since DHL didn’t deliver his red herring head.

  10. It turns out I’m actually going for a CAT scan for a kidney stone today. I think I should win for the scary category.

    I used to wear the tech writer costume regularly, but now I only don it for special occasions.

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