SitP: Calgary Edition

Heads up for you Alberta Skeptics: There a Skeptics in the Pub in Calgary that I’m pretty sure you do not want to miss!

When:  Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Time:  7:00pm – 10:00pm

Where: Joyce on 4th (Address: 506 24 Ave SW)

Other details: Ask for the Calgary Skeptics when you get there. It’ll all be happening in “The Library” room. (Swanky, right?)


Jill is forever chained to her art desk, scribbling away.

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    And me in Ontario doing stupid grad school.

    Have fun all. Hope you enjoy my hometown.

  2. What a shame that the one time I’d have LOVED to join, I happen to be in Katimavik. Hahaha, ah well!

    I hope you have more of this within the coming years as I would totally participate, thanks!!

  3. I’d love to come, my husband and I were at a bunch of them before our son arrived. Once he’s been here long enough for us to trust a babysitter, we’ll be back!
    Berco: there is one on the first Tuesday of every month. Friend the Facebook page and you’ll get a reminder.

  4. Thanks for posting this, Jill! Our turnout has declined since our first event just over a year ago, posts like this really boost attendance :)

    The Calgary Skeptics Society also has a (somewhat quiet) forum and blog that you can find at

    Hope to see a bunch of skepchicks there – CanadaLes was one of the last females at the pub with us, the last three months it’s been me and a bunch of dudes… which is still fun :)

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