Drumroll, if you please.

The time has come, the deadline has long passed, and it is time for the winner of April’s contest to be declared.

One small problem though.

See, Elyse and I were going through the entries together, and we seriously loved every single one. No lie, guys. This was a hard contest to determine the winner. Yes, we know, MS Paint is the at the bottom of the barrel for drawing software out there, but that was the point. And those who entered blew us away. We tried to pick a top three, a top five, but in the end decided it was just too unfair. What could we do?

Elyse came up with the idea of having everyone who entered be a winner. I agreed, but wondered how we were going to work with the prize of a book from each of us. I don’t know about Elyse, but I didn’t want to part with that many of my precious books. So I, not to toot my own horn or anything, had a idea.

The prize for everyone who entered is a custom-made postcard sent to them, drawn and with a little message from me. If Elyse lived closer to me (or even in the same country) she’d add a message along with it, but you’ll have to settle for me. (Sorry guys!)

So here are all the entries and those who entered, please fill out the contact form and give me your address so I can send you your prize.

Thanks again for entering. You made all of us smile, and that was the whole point. Now, group hug everyone!

1. Saxaclone


2. Merkuto


3. colddayinapril


4. slxpluvs


5. Bjornar


6. EvilHick


7. hughcumber


8.  infinitemonkey


9. killyosaur42


10. chickitychina



Jill is forever chained to her art desk, scribbling away.

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  1. Love the Facemaster 3000. “Deploys more bears per second than competing brand.” How many products can make that claim?

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