Quickies: “Arresting” Aquaman, “free” rocket, TV Santa, and more…

Look, I've honestly just given up on making sense of it all

Somehow it got to be Friday again?! The news cycle is disheartening and overwhelming these days. So here are a few things you might have missed this week…

This is not a news item, but I wanted to share the GoFundMe pages for two young men who lost their lives to gun violence this week in California. The astronomical community has lost a bright star, and a family has lost a father and husband. Please give if you can, share if you can, and keep them in your thoughts.

Finally, I don’t want to deprive you of cute animals even when I’m just feeling awful about the whole world. So check out some bebe whales, happy quokkas, and fossils of an enormous parrot and penguin via Muscadine and kupo. Our featured image today is a reader submission! Thank you, Emily, for letting us feature your dog Luna imitating a pretzel. Do dogs even have spines?

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  1. It often costs you money to dispose of a CRT television. Where I live it is $25. Maybe this guy is just foisting his disposal costs onto other people and disguising it a as a prank.

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