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    Quickies: “Arresting” Aquaman, “free” rocket, TV Santa, and more…

    Somehow it got to be Friday again?! The news cycle is disheartening and overwhelming these days. So here are a few things you might have missed this week… Jason Momoa takes “arrest” photo at Mauna Kea protest… it was staged, but a) his facial expression amused me and b) it helps keep a spotlight on these important protests. NASA is…

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  • Featured

    The Great Escape and Away We Go

    Art is the great escape and I need an escape. I’ve had enough of Trump and his budget cuts to science, the elderly, the arts, the humanities, kid’s school lunches, the environment, meals on wheels, the list goes on. Basically, he is cutting everything that isn’t the military so he can live like a king while bombing mosques, building walls,…

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  • Activism

    YOU Can Make Science Happen

    When the world is going to shit, sometimes it helps to remember what is awesome around you. For me that involves a lot of science. Doing science, learning about science, talking about science, even arguing about science. So I went full bore and decided that was all I wanted to do, and it’s been a fun and crazy ride so…

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