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Skepchick Sundaylies! with Art Crimes, CDC Alcohol Recommendations, and Uber Branding

Sunday Funny: Do gods exist? (via Cyanide & Happiness)

Teen Skepchick

In Which I am to Organize my Life Around the Possibility of Pregnancy
Elizabeth wishes we could stop putting the onus to avoid birth defects on women.

Mad Art Lab

Art Crimes and Forensic Science
The Gang talks art crimes and forensic science with Dr. Ray Burks.

Was Uber’s Branding Done While Uber High?
Ryan analyzes “the most densely packed piece of marketing bullshit” that he’s seen in a while.

Armouring for Cosplay 8 – Punching Holes
Ryan promises that punching holes in sheet metal is more interesting than it sounds.

School of Doubt

Not Knowing What We’re Doing
Jay reflects on the fact that very few people know what teachers actually do–even future teachers!

Syllabus Adjunct Clause
Dan has written a section for adjuncts to include in their syllabuses explaining the difference between permanent and temporary faculty.

Grounded Parents

No, My First Name Ain’t “Mama”
Cassandra writes about the funny thing that happens once you have a kid: your name disappears and you are called “(your kid’s name)’s mom” or just “mama” by complete strangers.

The CDC Can Rip the Wine Glass Out of My Childbearing-Aged Hand
Steph writes about the recent CDC recommendation on drinking without knowing if you’re pregnant.

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