• Quickiestwo dogs sprawled on a couch and on each other

    Quickies: Racism at the CDC, bad COVID decisions, and more…

    I find myself catching up after a week in my online-teaching hide-y hole… Employees of the Centers for Disease Control call out a “toxic culture of racial aggressions.” Meanwhile, the Trump administration orders hospitals to bypass the CDC and send data to the White House, likely in an attempt to continue to deny reality. Due to a huge public outcry,…

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  • Quickies"If you're not angry, you're not paying attention"

    Quickies: White supremacy, misogyny, and gun violence in America

    Everything is shit and I am tired. A Former FBI Whistleblower Explains Why the Federal Government Is Failing on Domestic Terrorism—And How to Fix It – “It’s a matter of Justice Department policy that deprioritizes this white supremacist violence. As a matter of policy, the Justice Department defers the investigation of hate crimes to state local law enforcement agencies… but…

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  • Meta Stuff

    Skepchick Sundaylies! with Art Crimes, CDC Alcohol Recommendations, and Uber Branding

    Sunday Funny: Do gods exist? (via Cyanide & Happiness) Teen Skepchick In Which I am to Organize my Life Around the Possibility of Pregnancy Elizabeth wishes we could stop putting the onus to avoid birth defects on women. Mad Art Lab Art Crimes and Forensic Science The Gang talks art crimes and forensic science with Dr. Ray Burks. Was Uber’s…

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