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    Skepchick Sundaylies! with Art Crimes, CDC Alcohol Recommendations, and Uber Branding

    Sunday Funny: Do gods exist? (via Cyanide & Happiness) Teen Skepchick In Which I am to Organize my Life Around the Possibility of Pregnancy Elizabeth wishes we could stop putting the onus to avoid birth defects on women. Mad Art Lab Art Crimes and Forensic Science The Gang talks art crimes and forensic science with Dr. Ray Burks. Was Uber’s…

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  • FeaturedA hand holds up Brewdog's "No Label" beer

    Beer, Queer? Thoughts On Beer and Gender

    Scottish self-proclaimed “punk rock” brewery Brewdog has released what it calls “the world’s first transgender beer.” Dubbed “No Label,” the beer is “brewed with hops that have changed sex from female to male flowers prior to harvest,” thus in the minds of Brewdog making it a Statement for Equality and, uh, somehow a symbol of the trans community. We were…

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  • SkepticismRatatouille scene; critic with wine looks shocked

    Cross-Post: Tasting Notes

    This post is a collaboration between Julia Burke at Skepchick and Ashley Hamer at Mad Art Lab.  When Anne Sauer alerted us to a recent article in the Wall Street Journal by Lettie Teague asking whether music can influence the actual taste of wine, the prospect of enjoying our two favorite things (Ashley’s a musician; Julia is a wine geek) was enough…

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  • Random Asidessilly venn

    Bad Chart Thursday: Nielsen’s Pretty . . . Useless Charts

    If you’ve ever seen a Nielsen report or article, you’ve seen the company’s charts. In fact, the reports often read more like brochures, as though marketing their market research is more important than the research itself, with a heavy focus on presenting the data in a visually appealing way, often at the expense of clarity. Case in point, the meaningless…

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  • Feminism

    Craft Beverage People: Do Better.

    CN: Slurs; rape jokes; racist and sexist langage and images (mostly in links) It’s no secret that the artisanal food and beverage criticism field is a pretty privileged bunch. After all, to get into it you have to have disposable income, no ailments or conditions that would preclude imbibing a significant amount of alcohol or eating a wide range of…

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    The Worst Thing Brian Dunning Has Done for Skepticism

    Brian Dunning is fairly prominent amongst skeptics for his podcast, Skeptoid. He’s prominent amongst FBI agents for his conviction for wire fraud. (The case has been ongoing since 2011, but Dunning’s sentencing is April 28, 2014.) For those who are unfamiliar with the skeptical community, it is based in large part on exposing frauds, so this criminal’s continued popularity with…

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    ICYMI: June 16 – June 22 on the Skepchick Network

    Rise and shine, sleepy head! Time to catch up on what you missed last week on the Skepchick Network. Teen Skepchick The Physics Philes, lesson 53: Even More on Rotational Dynamics Mindy continues her quest for all the physics knowledge. The Pseudoscience of Victim Blaming: Introduction Eddy argues that pseudoscience is full of victim blaming, and that is not OK.…

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    Centrum Silver has Been “Studied”

    I think Superbowl Sunday is the best. You get to hang out with friends, eat and drink things that are really bad for you and focus on one of the things that really defines America as a country. No, not the football. The commercials! Duh. They’re the next best thing to the Puppy Bowl this time of year! I’ve got…

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