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It’s the Sundaylies, with Neuro-Accessibility, Cosplay Science, and Online Activism

Sunday Funny: UV Flowers (via SMBC)

Teen Skepchick

Christianity and the Worth of People
It’s that time of year when Elizabeth is reminded that she’s worthless without God.

Mad Art Lab

Materials Science for Cosplay 4 – Thermosets
Ryan explains what thermosets are and how they can up your cosplay game.

EL Wire for Beginners
Robin explains how to make your outfit literally shine.

Mad Art Cast: Blood Brain and Chick Tracts
The Gang discusses the blood brain barrier and Chick Tracks.


Guarding My Mind While Doing Online Activism
Trav on the importance of taking care of your mental well-being as an online activist.

School of Doubt

On Activism
Jay on how to balance activism and teaching responsibilities.

Grounded Parents

Round Table: Handling Stressful Moments Without Prayer
GP contributors weigh in on how they deal with tough moments instead of turning to prayer.

Taking Stock, Giving Thanks, And Making A Change
Erich writes a sweet post about how thankful he is for his wife. Aww!

Weekend Reads: Road Trips with Kids, Coming Out, Etc
Bethany’s weekly links include how to take better photographs of babies and how parents can help (and hurt) the coming out process for their children.


On Neuro-Accessibility and Skepticon
Benny explains what Skepticon did right and wrong when it comes to accessibility.

Featured image credit: Jason Howie via Flickr


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