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ICYMI: Mathematical Mystery, Street Harassment, Dragons, and Abortion. All Sans Michael Stipe.

Teen Skepchick

Science Sunday: Does the Sum of All Natural Numbers Equal -1/12?
Avery explains some of the mathematical mystery behind this weird result.

Young People and Activism, MLK and CeCe McDonald
Young activists can learn a lot from Martin Luther King, Jr.

The Lessons of Success
Olivia argues that we can learn just as much from our successes as from our mistakes.

Mad Art Lab

You Are Your Gene Expression: Why it’s Not Surprising that Meditation Changes Epigenetics
Elizabeth explains a recent study on meditation and molecular changes in the body.

Design Diaries – Dragon!
Ryan shows you how to build your own dragon skeleton.

How I Lost My Religion Without the Help of Michael Stipe
Music this new Mad Art Lab contributor lost his faith to.


GIF of the Week: Mitosis in Real Time (en español)
Amazing image of mitosis as it’s happening

Time to Think (en español)
Why do you spend your time doing Skepticism and not helping other causes?

Devouring Popcorn: Terminator (en español)
A feminist look at the Terminator movies.


But It’s Just a Compliment
As a trans man, wolsey has a unique perspective on street harassment.

Sceptics, Religion and Queers? Oh Myyyyy
Aoife explains why it’s not so easy to just leave a religion that treats you like crap.

AI: Queer-Friendly
What are the characteristics you look for when determining whether you are in a queer-friendly space?

Skepchick Norge

A New Generation of Science Communicators? (på norsk)
Julie interviews Hedda Johannesen, the winner of the Chemistry Grand Prix.

School of Doubt

Teaching is Hard, but the Old Arguments Aren’t Working
DrShell argues that teachers have a martyr complex, and it’s not helping them.

The Power of Scientists and Teachers Combined
Nicole extols the benefits of scientists and teacher working together.

The Atheist Academic: High School Credit for Church Classes?
Off-campus religious instruction could count as high school credit in Ohio if this bill passes.

Skepchick Events

Outreach: Freethought Books Project
You can help counter the onslaught of religious material in prisons.

Grounded Parents

My Mother, Myself
Angela illustrates the cycle of parenthood.

Abortion Rhetoric from the Perspective of a “Miracle Baby” Mom
Deek shares her personal experience with micro preemies and explains how anti-choicers use experiences like hers to spread hate.

All I Want for Christmas is an Abortion
It’s time we changed the narrative around abortion.

Featured image credit: Devra via Flickr


Mindy is an attorney and Managing Editor of Teen Skepchick. She hates the law and loves stars. You can follow her on Twitter and on Google+.

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  1. On “all whole numbers add up to -1/12”, that doesn’t even make any sense. Seriously, it doesn’t. How could all numbers greater than N add up to a number less than N? (Leaving aside overflow errors like “32767+1=-32768”.)

    But don’t worry about it, the difference between physicists and mathematicians is, when physicists are given an infinity, they say it’s impossible (most often due to thermodynamics); when mathematicians are given an infinity, it’s a new set of numbers!

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