Skepchick Quickies 10.24

On October 24, 1901, Annie Edison Taylor became the first person to go over Niagara Falls in a barrel. And she did it on her 63rd birthday!


Mary Brock works as an Immunology scientist by day and takes care of a pink-loving princess child by night. She likes cloudy days, crafting, cooking, and Fall weather in New England.

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  1. I was on “Jeopardy!”, I am a one-day champion! I really liked the staff, Johnny Gilbert tells funny stories about the early days of TV during the breaks, and Alex Trebek is as handsome in person as he is on your TV.

  2. i’ve known of pb and pickle sandwiches for decades, although i’ve never tried one. a dill pickle was the choice at that time. a sweet bread-n-butter pickle sounds like a fine variant. it does surprise me, even though i’ve tried another related pb sandwich, that pb goes well with acidic flavors. the odd one i’ve enjoyed was a pb and tomato sandwich – caveat: the tomato HAS to be acidic, ripe and FIRM. compromise any of those and it’s a horrible experience. last pb and X, and one i don’t enjoy, despite the enthusiasm of my Dad, peanut butter on hotdogs. ewww.

  3. Save the Women, Not the Boobies

    I’m not sure what to take away from this article except for the obvious, the save the boobs campaigns objectify women. She makes this claim (which I don’t dispute) without offering any solutions. Other than making me aware that my pink ribbon earrings are seen by some as objectifying, what did I not take away from this article that I should have?

  4. I have an idea.

    Take a photo of an everyday object, be it a pen, a stack of printer paper, or even a wrench, and, with no alterations to the appearence, put a caption on it that says “It’s for ladies!”

    I think it can send a message. Or at least offer some laughs.

    1. One of my very favorite sandwiches is peanut butter with kimchee (spicy Korean cabbage pickles) on whole wheat bread. A trick is to put the pb on both slices of bread so the liquid from the kimchee doesn’t make the bread soggy.

      1. I LOVE kimchee! That might be worth a try. Thing I have been having trouble finding is nut-free peanut butter. I know that sounds weird, but it seems like loads of people (and companies) don’t understand that peanuts and tree nuts are from separate branches and being allergic to one doesn’t mean your allergic to others. Peanuts are often shelled on the same machines as tree nuts (which makes sense, why build two machines for the same thing?) which means they’re contaminated. I am sure there are some factories that produce only peanuts, but since they don’t mention it on the label, I don’t know! Now I mostly eat Sunbutter, which is made from sunflower seeds and is super delicious but I don’t think it would go all that well with pickles.

  5. Shit. This always happens. I just bought lady computers for all my Skepchick Network co-contributors. Leave it to me to spend $120,000 (plus fees since I had to buy them in Japan) only to find out that none of them want one.
    Now I’m gonna have to check my horoscope every 6 seconds for the next 653 years to make it worth the price.


    *Throws 75 laptops into the East River*

    1. I’m thinking you have the skills and the ability to secure the proper aerosolized paint products to remedy the situation.

  6. I tried PB and bacon and it wasn’t as good as I’d hoped. I couldn’t really taste the bacon over the flavour of the PB.

    However, the experiment was tainted as the only bread I had around was rye and the PB was some disgusting organic PB and the organic hippie PB really doesn’t taste as good as the proper highly commercial stuff. Other organic hippie items can be fine but not the PB, which tastes much like old gym clothes smell. Or this has been my experience.

    I think I’ll try both PB and bacon and PB and pickles with some mates during the weekend.

  7. Peanut Butter and Pickles has been a ‘Thing’ in my family since grandma was young. Some of us prefer dill, some sweet or bread-and-butters. (I’m a dill guy.) It’s tastier than you’d think!

    1. The one thing nobody else in the family ever got, though, was Grandma’s fondness for Peanut Butter and Cabbage sandwiches. (IANMTU)

  8. I haven’t tried peanut butter and pickles. My peanut butter sandwich includes a fried egg and mustard.

  9. If I’m ever trapped in a basement during a zombie apocalypse with nothing but a case of peanut butter to eat and one bullet left in my gun; I’m eating the bullet.

    1. If it’s a full metal jacket, you at least get your daily value of copper for what, the next year or so, right? :)

  10. I used to eat PB&P sandwiches all the time when growing up; I do remember them fondly, but I’ve generally eschewed PB sandwiches of any sort for decades, now.
    As soon as I saw the article on ‘hairy Chinese women’ I flashed back to the article about skin-whiteners being sold in India. Sure enough, the article mentioned that trend in China, too.
    When I first encountered the Save the Boobies/Ta-tas/otherinfantilism campaign, it was in the form of pictureless t-shirts and bumper stickers, and honestly didn’t offend me too much. But now I learn that they’re actually using sexist imagery, which tends to have such a more devious impact… bleah. End it.
    When I went out to California to meet in person with the woman who ultimately became my wife, she’d arranged for tickets to see Jeopardy. It’s a lot of fun–you get to see two episodes done back-to-back. One thing the article doesn’t mention is that contestants are advised to bring along a change of clothes–that way, if they have a winning streak of two or three episodes, they don’t look like they’ve been standing around in the same sweater the entire time. The other thing the article doesn’t mention is just how ~tiny~ the stage area is, in comparison to how it appears on the show. And yes, Trebek is remarkably personable and entertaining even when he’s in casual conversation with the audience.

  11. “SCRAPBOOK automatically stores and organizes pictures and URLs of the items, retail stores, recipes, ”

    -it says right there, retail stores and recipes.
    What’s next? A social network for women:


  12. When I was a kid, my best friend at the time introduced me to peanut butter and mayonnaise. On white bread. Lovely stuff, really. (Horrible for you, but, hey.)

  13. I’ve been eating PB&Ps since I was a kid; my dad introduced them to me. I liked them enough to keep eating them even when the other kids at school made fun of me for it.

    And seriously, what’s with all these “just for women” products these days? And they’re not even products where the difference is something meaningful … I mean, I have trouble finding decent work clothes and safety gear in my size, why not make THOSE products for women so that I don’t have to go to specialty stores or do quick sewing jobs to make my tool belt go around my waist properly?

  14. Me: I never liked the “Save the boobies” campaigns. Do you know why?

    My usually very progressive husband: Because you have small boobs?

    I wish he was joking. Because it’s effective at raising money, he doesn’t see any potential issues. I cede that it’s been successful, but I also want to live in a world that can move beyond that type of objectification – especially when marketing to get donations to SAVE LIVES. It should be easy to get people to shell out for that, and I want to move towards a world where it is.


  15. I’m a Jeopardy looser. Admittedly in Norway, which is a smaller market, but I did get on television.
    And as the article says, pressing the button at the right time is essential. I pretty much only got to answer when none of the others knew the answer.

    Also, I still remember the ones I got wrong. They’re like stabs in my heart.

  16. Love PB and Pickles! Dill pickles to be exact. The sweet, salty flavor of the PB with the sour flavor the the pickles is wonderful.

    Save the ta-tas campaign. Yes, it objectifies women. I wouldn’t argue the point. Reducing women to a pair of breasts is offensive to those that take the time to think about it.

    However, (you knew this was coming, ‘ey?) I am an avid cyclist, I support a number (2) of breast cancer rides through my cycling season to help raise money and awareness of this women’s health issue. There is a huge diversity of opinion on this. The rides tend to be staffed by women in pink t-shirts all supporting the campaign. I am torn, do I not raise money for the campaign even though it is massively supported by women? Do I boycott it because it objectifies women?

    Thus far I have supported the rides and raised money for the effort. As long as it has strong support by women, then I overlook the “save the ta-ta’s” aspect of it.

  17. I tried the PB last night with sweet pickled gherkins.

    It wasn’t bad – but I prefer PB on hot buttered toast or in a sandwich either on its own or with Satsuma plum jam or golden syrup.

    Yes, I can be as decadent as you Yanks!

    When I was over there I was looking for the fabled Fool’s Gold Loaf, but it seems to have disappeared into the garbage bin of history.

    Note to self – must look up and try Rebecca’s deep fried beer recipe!

    1. Thanks for reporting back! I still haven’t tried it yet, I’m a little afraid to. Your PB and syrup suggestion sounds just like a PB & Jelly (but I like mine with blackcurrant or blackberry jam).

      If you want a recipe for fried beer, just look up a recipe for beer batter and cook it like a funnel cake. I personally like mine topped with powdered sugar but you can also make a beer syrup.

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