Skepchick Quickies 9.13

Well lucky for all of us, Amanda is off saving the world again with her sidekick baby sloth. So, I’ll be serving up this morning’s quickies!

Featured image created by Jill Powell.


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  1. I had a friend in an abusive relationship. She once told me all the horrible things her husband had called her and said to her. I said how can you listen to that? He’s your husband, he isn’t supposed to call you names. She said “But I do it too, I call him terrible things.” Like that made it okay. I told her that was obviously a sign of an unhealthy relationship. She wasn’t ready to hear it I guess. She did leave him eventually, but after much abuse.

  2. On the conscience clauses… I think that it should be part of your medical license registration. “This doctor has filed conscience clauses opposing abortion in X circumstances”. “This doctor has filed conscience statements allowing X procedures.”

  3. All those sports in which there is no physical contact should just allow anyone to compete anyone and stop it with the boys and girls leagues/categories/whatever differentiation.

    1. I appreciate the intent of your post but if that were the case there would be few if any women/girls then competing in school volleyball, swimming, tennis, and even golf. When boys and girls get into their middle and late teens typically the boys are out driving girls by as much as a hundred yards in golf. A number of our local school districts allow girls to compete in sports where there is not a girl’s team such as wrestling or football if they can make the team. The only international sport I can think of where there is no gender difference or separation at any level of competition is equine events. The reality is that the strength, speed and muscle mass differences between the genders makes a significant difference in nearly every type of sporting activity.

      Here’s some interesting science that points out the consistently stable differences in sports performance between the genders for the past thirty years.

        1. That’s a good question and my initial reaction has to do with culture but I wonder about the spatial/visual differences between genders. I read a study a few years ago where professional men and women golfers were statistically analyzed as to their putting accuracy, where one would assume that there would be much less or no difference between genders, and what was found was that men were definitely better putters on the same greens. The wiki article on spatial visual ability does mention that there is an argument that the more typical activities of boys, such as video games and some sporting involvement, can explain the differences. Also wiki mentions a study where men and women were both allowed to play a video game for a few hours and the gender differences in some tasks were eliminated as a result of the gaming. So clearly the solution for sporting gender performance equality is more video gaming for women!

  4. As someone who is an abortion provider, I have to disagree with you. It’s every OB/GYN’s choice whether or not to provide termination services (or any procedure) and how many weeks they are willing to terminate until. I do, however, think that we should be up front and tell patients at first visits what services we can’t provide.

    1. I agree, DN. I don’t think practitioners should be required to do procedures they morally disagree with. What I was suggesting is that conscience exceptions should be registered with the state licensing board… if Dr. Fozzie doesn’t do abortions, then it should be noted that he doesn’t do abortions. That this is something he’s on-record as objecting to, and will not do.

      1. Do you believe that Pharmacists should be able to refuse to sell the morning after pill as well?

        If not, why the disconnect?

  5. That is actually the position of the GOP 2012 platform.

    “Protecting Individual Conscience in Healthcare”

    “No healthcare professional or organization should ever be required to perform, provide for, withhold, or refer for a medical service against their conscience.”

    (page 34)

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