• Quickiescrowd of protestors with a large sign that says "$15"

    Quickies: From anti-vax to pro-vax, breakthrough infections, and more…

    Here’s what I’ve been reading these last couple of weeks: What happens in academia when feminist mentors become misogynist colleagues – “Most men in the academy are feminists who are unintentionally complicit with the kind of misogyny that rewards women who support the status quo and punishes women who challenge male dominance. Most men don’t see what is right in…

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  • QuickiesPhoto of Perseverance Landing site on Mars labelled "Octavia E. Butler Landing"

    Quickies: Helping Jackson, reimagining space, and vaccinating Dolly Parton

    Happy International Women’s Day! Jackson, Mississippi, has been experiencing a water crisis for three weeks now, dating back to the winter storm that paralyzed Texas and other southern states. However, they’ve not gotten nearly the same amount of attention. Here is one way you can help a group that’s been working to help people on the ground. The Perseverance landing…

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  • Quickies"GameStop" store sign

    Quickies: Vaccine Scandals, Stock Shenanigans, and more

    It’s the last Friday of my winter “break” which I put in quotes because I’ve been working on *all the things* this month with the hopes of moving some projects along before the waves of semester classes wash over me. It is nice to have a whole week where I don’t open the news to see the President doing something…

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  • QuickiesGroup of galaxies known as the Markarian Chain

    Inauguration and Vaccine Quickies

    Happy Inauguration Week, US friends! I hope you took a little time to take a breath before getting right back to work. Amanda Gorman. Amanda. Gorman. I didn’t know the inauguration could be “won” but she won it. Like many others, I greatly enjoyed the fashion choices, particularly Dr. Biden’s sparkly blue coat that is from a clothing line named…

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  • Activism

    Do Not Give Away Our Shot!!

    I woke up at about 2 am to use the bathroom, as women my age are prone to do. After a profoundly unsatisfying pee, I checked Twitter. I’ve got a friend on a crazy COVID-19 sleep schedule and he’s usually up at about that time. He’s got a perfume blog that you should check out. Remember blog rolls? I miss…

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  • Podcast

    COVID-19, mRNA, FDA and Other Important Initialisms

    Rebecca chats with Mary Brock and Topher Hunter about the intricacies of the new COVID vaccines, plus what the FDA is doing during approvals. Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe: Apple Podcasts | Blubrry | RSS

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  • Science

    Why I Trust the COVID-19 Vaccine

    This post contains a video, which you can also view here. To support more videos like this, head to! Transcript: Hey everybody, it’s time for a COVID vaccine update! I last talked about the vaccine on March 195th, or approximately mid-September using the old Julian calendar. In that video, I talked about how it’s okay to be skeptical of…

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  • Anti-ScienceMisleading measles chart

    Throwback Bad Chart Thursday: The TRUTH about Bad Measles Charts the Mainstream Media Is Suppressing

    This post was originally published February 5, 2015, but the measles situation has only worsened since then, with anti-vaccination propaganda leading to the worst outbreak since measles was all but eradicated in 2000, so this post is unfortunately timely once again. Roman Bystrianyk and Suzanne Humphries have a cherry to pick with proponents of vaccination. Their article on the measles…

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