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  1. Let’s be fair to Romeny’s campaign staff: Maybe that isn’t a failed Venn Diagram. Maybe it’s a failed rendition of the MasterCard logo that they wanted to write their talking points in for some reason.

  2. Wow… The pet tag uses quantum mechanic’s refined frequencies!

    Completely safe for dogs, cats, fleas, ticks and humans

  3. Most people don’t like putting flea and tick preventative products on or in their pets. I understand that. I don’t love that greasy spot on my dog’s back either. However, I do apply the stuff because I know how difficult it is to eliminate a flea infestation once it has become established. I also know that there is only on thing that veterinarians agree on when it comes to Lyme disease and that is USE A TICK PREVENTATIVE. How in the hell do these people get away with this?

    As with most of these bullshit products, their only value is as a lesson in logical fallacies.

    1. They claim it works for 3 years. I can believe that it is just as effective 3 years after being applied as it is the first day.

      (For the snark-impaired: Doesn’t work at all when applied, still doesn’t work 3 years later.)

    2. Didn’t Skepchick recently highlight an article about how there’s a canine vaccine for Lyme disease (but not for people)? I’m pretty sure the vaccine would be more effective than any external tick-control products…

      That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t use the latter, since ticks can carry diseases other than Lyme.

  4. First thought I had when reading about the destroyed fossils was some creationist actively destroying ‘devil’s temptations’ or some such. I didn’t even think about vandalism or trophy hunting. not real sure which would be worse.

    and yeah, that romney thing totally looked like the mastercard logo – product placement?

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