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  1. Coming out isn’t an issue, the perceived need to stay hidden is the issue. As long as people who are not gender normative (I hope I’m using the right phrase) are greeted with derision, harrassment, bullying, violence, discrimination and so on, the perception is real. That is the tragedy, and that is the societal shame.

    It is not the people coming out that are significant here, it is the people who cannot feel free to openly be themselves that are the symptom of societal illness.

    There is a lot work to be done.

  2. Sacred Christian Cross Lighting Ceremony

    That’s… subtle. White robes preferred, I guess.

    1. “Cross Lighting” has always been the correct Klan term for what everyone else calls a cross burning. To burn something is to destroy it, and a devoted Christian would certainly not destroy a cross. Thus, you “light” a cross, but you absolutely do not “burn” it.

      I trust you have found it enlightening to have had this lesson in proper Klan etiquette.

  3. Good message with the one on domestic violence.
    I’m surprised we don’t see such messages on TV (at least as far as I’ve seen in the US).

    Funny one on the representation of odor from the female area.
    Doesn’t ordinary soap well just as well, like it does for guys (more or less)?

    Here’s something off topic; just how common is the opinion of the movie “Brave” compared to what’s said here:

    Seems this attitude is what’s considered “cool”.

  4. The organizers of the whites-only pastors’ conference self-identify as members of Christian Identity churches. These are basically Klan splinter groups, in case everyone didn’t already know that from the whole cross-burning, white sheets motif.

  5. I think public figures probably should come out, because the more that people realise that they’re exactly the same as us straight people, the better we’ll be. Of course, as a straight guy, I realise I have no frame of reference to really understand the difficulties they face, so I realise my opinion is missing some important facts.

    That said, they should never be forcibly outed, unless they’re people in positions of power who are using that power to implement homophobic policies, because I utterly despise the hypocrisy involved in that.

    On another note, the domestic violence message is a good one, but i’d like to see some more acknowledgement that men can suffer from it as well (yes, I realise the incidence is much lower). The message shouldn’t be “it’s unacceptable to beat your wife/girlfriend, the message should be “it’s unacceptable to beat anyone”

    /reasonably long time reader, first time poster, please be gentle ;)

  6. I just saw this item at the Mary Sue


    Apparently the term “rape” is now so offensive (and also activates site blocking software) that the TV-tropes site has deleted all TV-tropes that reference rape.

    This really is an unacceptable way to deal with the actual problem of rape (which is more important than people being offended by reading the word “rape”).

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