Bad Chart Thursday: At the Zoo

Bad Chart Thursday: At the Zoo

So, Rebecca gets a lot of emails. That’s not new. She also gets these odd suggestions, like one she shared with the rest of us the other day. They’re a little like the emails we get at the physics department at my university from people who have discovered that Einstein was wrong — just a little less elaborate maybe. Instead of a 200 page Word document, she gets these:

I wanted to ask if you might be interested in an article that I’ve written titled “10 things women do better than men”. It’s a well-researched article that covers a number of topics, including: men vs. woman in money management, gambling, relaxation, and more. Perhaps you d like to use it as a guest post on your site?

So, she responds:

Can you please write an article called “10 things women do better than men in the zoo industry”? We’re working on a series of zoo posts and this would be perfect.

In as little as 20 days, he comes up with:

I was thinking of few things like -
1. Woman are more emotionally oriented
2. Woman have the natural ability to grow up kids. (animals are just like kids)
3. Woman intuition
4. Woman are more loyal employ then man
Let me know if that what you look for ? I will get to more deep research.

Brilliant! Absolutely brilliant.

So, I was thinking … are woman really more loyal employ than man? I got to some deep research myself, and came up with:

Generated from Real Data (TM) by Veronica.

Generated from Real Data (TM) by Veronica herself. No cheating. Srsly.

Veronica is a PhD candidate in high energy physics at the University of Oslo, Norway. She also has a master's degree in computational physics. She loves science, and is a total science-fiction nerd. She's a feminist, a secular humanist, and of course a skeptic. LGBTQ issues are also close to her heart. She mostly writes for the Norwegian Skepchick blog, but also for some of the other blogs, which is why this bio is in English. She can be found on Twitter as @VeronicaInPink.


  1. OMFG this is the funniest post I have read in ages! Thank you, Veronica, you made me LOL in an airport lounge :)

  2. Shouldn’t the giraffe wedge be taller than the others?

  3. Hahahahahahaha, this is my new favorite day.

  4. ” including: men vs. woman in money management, gambling, relaxation, and more.”
    Is Bill Russian, by chance?

  5. Never stop doing these.

    • I number 2 this motion

  6. I find myself doubting the claim that kids are more loyal employ than tarantulas. Tarantulas are capable of experience gratitude and love, which kids are not, and that definitely makes tarantulas pretty loyal employ, at least compared to kids.

    • But children are much more likely to feed the animals on their own initiative, while tarantulas tend to just sit around doing nothin’ all day …

    • While I find spiders and tarantulas frightening, I think you’ve hit the nail on the head here.

  7. Veronica, you’re a goldarn genius!

  8. I only clicked on this link because I thought it was going to be about pie.

    • I apologise for a possibly misleading feature-image. I sometimes forget how seriously people take pie. I’m sure whoever is in charge of Bad Chart Thursday in two weeks will make sure both pi and pie lovers are considered on the most holy of physics and mathematics holidays, otherwise known as pi(e)-day!

      • Feh. Pi is wrong. Tau is where it’s at.

        (But I am quite fond of blueberry pie.)

        • Count me firmly in the Tau camp…Also, I don’t get all the Pi-lovers being against Tau, how can you be against twice the Pi ??? :D

          • Who is anti-Tau? I’m just pro-everything that Vi Hart does.

      • Ooh, 3.14 IS a Thursday… I think I might have to step up and volunteer to take that one.

        Also, I was just teasing, but I think it’s cute that you took my disappointment seriously. =) Great job with this post!

        • Of course I take it seriously! Both pi and pie are serious topics :)

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