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    Terry Richardson & Dov Charney

    Bad Chart Thursday: Exposing Dov Charney & Terry Richardson

    I had never thought much of Terry Richardson or Dov Charney, but all the information I’d heard about “them”, until very recently, somehow ended up in the same mental box, as it were. I instinctively thought they were the same person until the so-called “News Media”‘s propaganda machine told me that one is a photographer and one is the head of American…

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  • Random Asides

    Bad Chart Thursday: World’s Tiniest Landslide

    I volunteered to do Bad Chart Thursday today. I found this fantastic bad chart showing the results of the presidential elections from last Sunday in Venezuela. I had it all planned out in my head. I was going to show you the video that aired a few weeks ago on Venezuelan public TV of Hugo Chavez arriving in heaven and…

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  • Random Asides

    Bad Chart Thursday: At the Zoo

    So, Rebecca gets a lot of emails. That’s not new. She also gets these odd suggestions, like one she shared with the rest of us the other day. They’re a little like the emails we get at the physics department at my university from people who have discovered that Einstein was wrong — just a little less elaborate maybe. Instead…

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  • Science

    Announcing Bad Chart Thursdays

    I know, it’s Wednesday. What a confusing title to post on a Wednesday! But I wanted to give you a heads up that we’ve been inspired by this chart, sent to us by reader Mark H. and originally posted by @altonncf: The Skepchicks enjoyed this so much that we want to make this a regular feature. Every Thursday, we’ll bring…

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