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  • people walking on a thin bridge

    Bridging the divide

    I recently saw a social media post shared by a dear friend that showed two men reaching out to shake hands… one holding a huge “Trump” flag and one holding a huge “Biden” flag. The caption was something along the lines of rejecting hate and coming together… and that got my hackles up. I was immediately reminded of the quote…

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  • Getting and Giving Bad News Remotely

    Today’s post is not particularly journalism-y, but our fearless leader gave me the keys to the kingdom and told me I could write whatever I wanted. So, here’s some deeply personal stuff in the times of COVID. We’ve been socially distanced in our homes in beautiful suburban Iowa for 24 days. Maybe 25 days? I don’t even know what day…

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  • Proof That the End Times Are Nigh…

    .My darling husband Strange and I have been “social distancing” since Friday. That’s six days of total marital togetherness. We’re surviving pretty well. To be honest, I think every American should be given one free month of social distancing to be used in leap years going forward. Imagine how awesome this could be if everyone had been prepared for it?…

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  • What Is Sonic The Hedgehog Really About?

    I grew up playing Sonic the Hedgehog in the 90’s. I wasn’t very good, but it was good at keeping my brother and me occupied while our parents were doing adult things like mowing the lawn and drinking coffee. When they announced a Sonic movie, I was a little skeptical because of the fond memories I had, but I shrugged…

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  • Ted Cruz Pointing

    Quickies: Trolling Ted Cruz, Black Punk Bands, Back to the Future Deepfake

    Ted Cruz Positively Outraged That The Government Would Interfere With His Reproductive Rights, Wonkette: In the time-honored tradition of trolling forced-birth conservatives by introducing legislation to control men’s reproductive rights, Alabama state rep. Rolanda Hollis has introduced a bill requiring men to undergo a vasectomy at age 50 or after fathering a third child, and Ted Cruz is pretending he’s…

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  • The Alleged Social Contract of the Airplane Seat

    Happy Belated Valentines Day, beloved readers. Friday was a day of love, flowers, and poetry.  I spent an excessive amount of Friday writing “Roses are red…” poems on Twitter and have written the following Valentine’s Day poem in preparation for today’s discussion. Roses are red And so is the beet God bless Wendi William For calling out the jackhole punching…

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  • Boring Spacing Trends

    BCT: A Boring Boring Chart

    This week’s post is a brief and uneventful break from all the digital BS we wade through every day lately. It comes from the Upside Down a published source, a magazine for structural engineers, who apparently read with mirrors while standing on their head. Behold, the Boring Spacing Trends chart! At first glance, the years being at the top instead…

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  • Raised unshackled hands

    The Evolution of Racism in America

    Some of the most eye-opening information on the internet comes in the form of a tweet thread, with Black twitter and History twitter leading the way. This week’s post combines the best of those worlds with a thread on the history of racism in the United States, by Michael Harriot of the Root. “One of the most popular misconceptions about…

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