• Politics

    No, You Don’t Need To Go To Church Right Now.

    I live in a suburb about 10 minutes from Detroit, one of the hotspots of the COVID-19 outbreak. Gretchen Whitmer, our governor, or “The Woman From Michigan” as Donald Trump has called her, has actually been handling the pandemic pretty well, with one minor exception. Churches and other houses of worship are exempt from the stay at home order that…

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  • Skepticism

    Local Nonprofits Are Also Hurting Because of COVID-19

    Since almost everywhere is closed due to COVID-19, that means that those places aren’t getting the revenue needed to continue operations once quarantine and social distancing mandates are lifted. This includes local non-profits. Realizing this, I asked our writers here at Skepchick to suggest some local nonprofits to donate to. Hopefully, this will allow these places to thrive when the…

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  • Random Asides

    What Is Sonic The Hedgehog Really About?

    I grew up playing Sonic the Hedgehog in the 90’s. I wasn’t very good, but it was good at keeping my brother and me occupied while our parents were doing adult things like mowing the lawn and drinking coffee. When they announced a Sonic movie, I was a little skeptical because of the fond memories I had, but I shrugged…

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