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    Quickies: Celebrating WAP, and other good news stories from the week

    I’ve limited my media consumption these last few months in order to save what shreds of sanity I have left. Even still, every day feels like a barrage of awfulness that my anxiety disorder just loves to feed on. So, for this week, I’ve specifically sought out a few stories that I hope do NOT contribute to your anxiety, and…

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  • Random Asides

    Modern Penguin Family!

    This cute story came across my Facebook feed this morning. I couldn’t resist sharing it! Bergen Aquarium in Norway reported yesterday¬†on Facebook that a same-sex penguin couple had adopted an egg from another penguin couple. The other couple had three eggs, which is a little too many¬†for them to handle. To improve the chances of it hatching the keepers gave…

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  • Penguin Murder

    Can you murder a penguin? Really? The BBC news team seem to think so. Penguin Murders Prompt Sniper Aid, proclaims the headline. I don’t generally enjoy falling back on dictionary definitions of things, but as my own understanding of the word murder generally involves human beings, I had to go see what consensus says. Consensus agrees. The unlawful killing of…

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