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Modern Penguin Family!

This cute story came across my Facebook feed this morning. I couldn’t resist sharing it! Bergen Aquarium in Norway reported yesterday on Facebook that a same-sex penguin couple had adopted an egg from another penguin couple. The other couple had three eggs, which is a little too many for them to handle. To improve the chances of it hatching the keepers gave one of the eggs to another couple consisting of two male penguins. The happy dads both have plenty of experience raising penguin babies as they’ve both had kids before. “They’re so-called late bloomers,” says an excited aquarium director to a Bergen newspaper.

The aquarium posted on their Facebook page:

To give the third egg the best chances possible we’ve chosen, in this modern day and age, to give it to a gay couple. They were very exited about the opportunity and immediately started caring for the egg. [Translated from Norwegian.]

They don’t know yet if there’s actually a chick in the egg, but we will know in about a month.

The three eggs
Photo by Bergen Aquarioum
Same-sex penguin couple
Photo by Bergen Aquarioum
Same-sex penguin couple
Photo by Bergen Aquarioum

Feature image from Bergen Aquarium

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  1. I hope there is not a “chicken” in the egg! This poor little bird is going to have enough identity issues as it is!

    Seriously though, the pictures of the proud daddies are adorable!

  2. I wanted to leave a constructive and thoughtful reply to this, but they’re just too adorable. They’re penguins raising an egg and the other penguins don’t care that they are not a straight couple, I want to read that story in a children’s book now. OwO

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