Quickies: A coup AND a pandemic? Sure, why not…

... but there are cute animals, too

If you are in the United States right now, and on the internet, every other site is already pestering you to remember to vote. So, I’m not going to do that. But… The election is big on my mind and in my news feed this week.

Okay, so there’s good news out there, too. We’re just a week away from #BlackInPhysicsWeek! Communities of Black scientists and science enthusiasts have been coming together to celebrate their contributions and offer mentorship and guidance to those early in their careers in a series of themed weeks. On October 25th, it’ll be physics’s turn! Check out the hashtag and a whole host of activities on the #BlackInPhysics site.

And a selection of cute and cool animals via Muscadine:

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Nicole is a professor, astronomer, educator, geek, dog mom, occasional fitness nerd, and maker of tiny comets. She is also very loud under the right circumstances. Like what you read? Buy me a coffee: https://ko-fi.com/noisyastronomer

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