Quickies: Lights in the sky (for better or for worse) and more…

plus Cute Animal Friday!

Happy Friday of the first impeachment hearing week! To be honest, I have been way busy at work and have no idea what’s going on with the hearings, save from the few snippets I hear on NPR on my short work commute.

Instead, I am at PhysCon, a conference primarily for and by undergraduates in physics. I’m here as my school’s chapter advisor with a couple of wonderful students. With so much work on my mind, today’s Quickies will be a bit space-heavy…

And here are this week’s cuuuuuute animals:

  • An awkwardly timed photo of an adorable lion cub is the funniest animal photo of 2019… I don’t know whether to tag this as NSFW or not?
  • My husband showed me this one of a “speaking” dog and I wondered aloud if there was a bit of the Clever Hans effect here and he looked at my like I had just spoken Ferengi and I remembered that not everyone is a dork about old-school skeptical stories. But whatever, it’s actually pretty clever to make use of an adaptive speaking device used with toddlers, and this dog is clearly a GOOD GIRL.
  • Speaking of doggos, UNICORN PUPPY has a vestigial tail growing out of his little forehead and they named him Narwhal and just AWWWWW.
  • ADORABLE “mouse deer” called a silver-backed chevrotain extensively photographed for the first time in 30 years. Saying it was “not seen” is misleading, since it was sharing a habitat with Vietnamese villagers and forest rangers who helped the scientists seek out this animal for study. Story via Muscadine. Our featured image is of a related species, the Indian spotted chevrotain.

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