Quickies: Hollywood Celebrities Attended Epstein’s Parties Even After Knowing He Was a Rapist

Also, articles about the World Wide Fund, Aziz Ansari and Transgender Opera Singers

  • Rebecca wrote a great piece here at Skepchick this week about the scientists who continued to hang out with Jeffrey Epstein after his conviction for raping a minor. Over at the Hollywood Reporter, they have a similar piece about the Hollywood celebrities that attended his parties hosted by Epstein after his conviction.
  • Buzzfeed has released a shocking and horrifying four-part series on World Wide Fund for Nature employees who have raped, tortured, and murdered people at a wildlife park in the Democratic Republic of Congo. You can read all of it here: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4
  • Aziz Ansari Returns by Sarah Marrs (LaineyGossip): Sarah writes a reflective review about why Aziz Ansari’s disappointing new standup special fails to fully grapple with the abuse allegations against him. She writes: “This comeback set could have been a searing, Nanette-style reflection on what he learned over the last eighteen months. He could have tied his observations on how fast social mores are changing to finding himself caught in those crosshairs. But he doesn’t. And it sticks out. You can feel the opening presenting itself, you can spot the exact places where he could insert his own experience into the set, but every time, Ansari backs away from it.”
  • Transgender Opera Singers Find Their Voices by Michael Cooper (NYT): Phenomenal NYT piece that follows the stories of five transgender opera singers as they made choices throughout their transition that would effect their voices, careers, and the types of roles they play on the stage

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