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    Mug Shot of Jeffrey Epstein

    The Rise and Downfall of Jeffrey Epstein Is About a Lot More Than Just Epstein

    A lot of words have already been written here at Skepchick about Jeffrey Epstein being arrested on charges of sex crimes. Amy wrote about how she wants every man connected to Epstein that took part in his sex trafficking to be taken down alongside him, regardless of their political leanings. Rebecca wrote about the scientists who have publicly supported Epstein…

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    Screen cap of header of unsealed Epstein Indictment

    New Epstein Indictment Unsealed.

    Billionaire-convicted-pedophile, assface, Jeffrey Epstein was arrested on Sunday and will stand trial in Southern District of New York on new charges of sex trafficking of minor girls. He is considered a flight risk and so will not have bail. Insert sad trombone. That means his rich ass will have to sit in a jail cell until trial. Unlike his last…

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