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Skepchick Sundaylies! Encryption in Literature, the Blackest Black, Teaching Syrian Refugees, and the Relationship Between Birth Month and ADHD

Sunday Funny: The secret to happiness. (via SMBC)

Teen Skepchick

Encryption in Literature: Dancing Men (Spoilers)
Elizabeth discusses the encrypted messages in “The Adventure of the Dancing Men.”

Mad Art Lab

Sketchbook Pages and the Power of Friendship
Celia draws to counter presidential election drudgery.

Mad Art Cast #SciArt and the Blackest Black with Glendon Mellow
The Gang talks science and art with Glendon Mellow of Scientific American.

Trajectories: Katherine Johnson’s Orbital Mathematics
Dale recounts the life and mathematical contributions of Katherine Johnson.

School of Doubt

Jay discusses how the organization of classroom information affects its reception.

Racism is Easy, Integration is Hard
Giliell relates her experience teaching Syrian refugees.

Top Ten Ways Academia and Stand-Up Comedy are Secretly the Same Job
Dan has noticed some similarities between his academic work and his experiences in comedy.

Grounded Parents

Age and ADHD Diagnosis in Taiwan
Bethany talks about a recent study that found a correlation between birth month and the chance of being diagnosed with ADHD. As usual, she does a great job of presenting the evidence while also not overstating the results.

For F*ck’s Sake, Stop Using Vaccine-Injured Children as a Reason Not to Vaccinate
As Steph puts it, “It’s difficult to challenge upset parents, especially those who are convinced that vaccines harmed their children. What kind of bitch would do such a thing? I would. Because I think of the thousands, if not millions, of children who would die if it were not for vaccines, and I love science.”

Weekend Reads: No Socks, Some Babies are Easy, and Talking about Trump…Again
Lou’s weekly links include a fun app for teaching kids about coding, and how sexism is being encoded in the tech revolution.

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